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Participate in the Future of Broadband in Hawaii

Looking into the future is a time honored tradition for us all especially at the end of the year. The debate about the future of broadband in Hawaii has been raging for a while and in relation to that we are doing a research project at University of Hawaii that needs your input.

Participate in the Future of Broadband in Hawaii study

We are looking for experts with special knowledge, stake and interest in telecom and broadband in Hawaii. In this study you will be asked to judge statements about the future trend and event developments. If you participate you will see aggregate forecasts related to the future of broadband in Hawaii. Any information that you provide will not be attributed to you personally, and we do not share your personal information with anyone ever. 

Invitation to participate in future forecasting

As some of the premier local experts in the telecommunication industry Techui members are invited to participate in this study of the future of broadband in Hawaii. Your expert knowledge is critical to the study, and as a stakeholder in the development of broadband in Hawaii we urge you to participate. The study is part of a doctoral dissertation at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Your knowledge is critical to the study, and by participating you will gain access to how other experts view the future of broadband in Hawaii.
To participate click on the link:

Participate in the Future of Broadband in Hawaii study

What is The Future of Broadband in Hawaii Study?

The Future of Broadband in Hawaii Study seeks to explore possible and probable scenarios for future developments of broadband in Hawaii. Broadband is an enabler of thriving communities and is recognized as a driver for different types of social change. Broadband affects business, healthcare, education, etc., making it central to Hawaii's development and making everyone a stakeholder in its future development. This study is part of an interdisciplinary doctoral study in Communication & Information Sciences at University of Hawaii at Manoa, and is approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Hawaii Manoa.

Who can Participate?

We are currently inviting domain experts of broadband and telecommunications, and other individuals with particularly high knowledge levels related to Internet services in Hawaii, to participate in this study. Your participation is critical to this study.
All participants' contributions are treated anonymously and no personally identifiable information about the participants will be shared outside this study.

How are Futures Forecasting done?

The futures forecasting system used for this study aggregates expert forecasts about broadband with focus on long range futures. It allows participating experts to consult real time and aggregate forecasts and adjust their own forecasts accordingly if they so desire. Once the expert forecasts are aggregated, the system will create simulations for possible and probable future scenarios related to broadband development in Hawaii. This data can be used for planning purposes by government, businesses, and other organizations. As a participant you will get access to outcomes of the study.

Future of Broadband in Hawaii Study

Thank you for your participation.

Best regards
Rolv Alexander Bergo /

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Comment by Alex on January 13, 2013 at 11:05pm

Why should you care about high speed broadband development in Hawaii you say?

So experts participate:


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