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New Hawaii-based Mobile Application for iPhone and Android

Aloha TechHUI,

Looking forward to meeting some of you at Wetware Wednesdays, Ignite Honolulu and other events around Oahu. HI Nights is a mobile application company startup just kicking things off for Q1 2012. We are working with the University to get students involved in a fun project to get hospitality-related industries using the product: hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc. Any references would be greatly appreciated and we are always accepting local talent at .

More so, we'd like to open up a forum to the kama'aina that make this island tech-savvy and welcome feedback about our product. We encourage you to check it out and watch it evolve over the next year as each month there will be a new minor release with additional social media integration and advanced functionality. We are at version 1.0 right now and we look forward to advancing our technology, making friends, developing business relationships, engaging like-minded entrepreneurial and technical talent and getting more involved in the community. 


-Dan Bowe and the HI Nights Team-


HI Nights Launches in Hawaii Providing Consumers With a New View of Hawaiian Nightlife

New easy-to-use web service provides Hawaiians with real-time updates from local restaurants, bars, and nightclubs

HONOLULU - 2012 - Hawaii's night scene just got easier to navigate - HI Nights, a new easy-to-use web service, is launching to consumers today. HI Nights provides Hawaiians with event information, photos, specials, and updates from local restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in real time, sent directly to their smart phones. 


"The plethora of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Hawaii make deciding on a night’s plans difficult for Hawaiians and tourists alike,” says Dan Bowe, founder of HI Nights.  “HI Nights is giving local businesses the power to keep their patrons in-the-know of the deals and night scene of their favorite spots in real-time, while helping the consumer stay knowledgeable about the nightlife in their neighborhoods.”


HI Nights is an easy-to-use mobile application that features an interactive map and feed of real-time photos and information posted from restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the area.  Consumers can opt to receive notifications from their favorite establishments, or browse all participating businesses around them. Currently, the HI Nights team expects more than 20 local bars and restaurants in the Honolulu area will be participating members by New Years 2012 and will be actively updating their profiles on the application. This number is expected to continue to grow rapidly throughout January.


The mobile application is free of cost to consumers and is currently available for iPhone and Android users.


For screen shots of the consumer-facing application, please visit


“Let your Business Speak for Itself”. For restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners wishing to sign up, HI Nights is offering a 60-day free trial and discounted services using this link:


About HI Nights

HI Nights, launched in December 2011, is an easy-to-use web service with comprehensive and real-time event and promotional information directly from restaurants, event venues, bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Hawaii. To learn more about HI Nights, please visit, on Facebook at or Twitter at

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