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Job Opening: High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) seeking an Executive Director & CEO

High Technology Development Corporation

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The High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) is an agency of the State of Hawaii, responsible for promoting and advancing technology-based economic development in Hawaii, including manufacturing. It develops and manages incubation facilities and business assistant programs and serves as a community organizer for all islands, as well as overseeing a variety of federally-funded programs. Activities that serve the HTDC’s mission can be divided into 3 distinct areas: policy, public infrastructure, and business assistance. HTDC maintains an appropriate balance among the 3 levels these activities address: our work with individual companies feed to our understanding of industry level needs, and with organizing industries within the State, we strive to reach the global community.


For a more detailed profile and links to the annual report, and the state statutes and administrative rules that govern the agency, please refer to ABOUT US.


Job Title and Description: Executive Director and CEO

The Executive Director serves as the administrative head of the corporation under the direction of the 11-member Board of Directors.  This position plans and evaluates corporate direction, maintains general knowledge of trends and developments in the commercial high technology industry and the needs of high growth industry; identifies governmental and private sector actions required to create a viable ecosystem to nurture the high growth industry; recommends potential projects and project proposals, and land and properties suitable for high growth industry activities; provides support to the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) and other State departments and agencies as requested on matters involving technology-based development, legislation and policies affecting this sector, and other matters of mutual interest; maintains close working relationships with different levels of governments, and private sector partners, leading or serving as a neutral hub for collaboration at the industry level as appropriate; directs and participates in the development and reporting of the agency’s financial statements; prepares the budget and oversees the procurement and expenditure of corporation funds; supervises at the highest level the operations of the agency.




                Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited college or university in a field related to the purposes of the corporation


                Required Experience: Minimum five (5) years relevant experience in management and administration, with at least three (3) years in a supervisory capacity.  Minimum three (3) years in the tech or high growth industry


                Skills and Abilities:


• Ability to research and implement best practices in tech-based economic development, industry level policies, entrepreneurial principles and practices, and other matters relevant to HTDC’s mission


• Ability to lead and manage a medium-sized organization and its services, including its finances and human resources


• Ability to work effectively with legislators and a publicly appointed board of directors in a public sector environment


• Ability to manage up (the board), down (the staff) and sideways (partners, clients, industry)


• Ability to lead and execute strategic and tactical planning in a highly dynamic environment with minimal resources


• Ability to help shape and adopt strategic vision, and implement for the organization and the larger community as shared vision, as facilitator or driver


• Strong oral and written communication skills; ability to present complex and/or abstract concepts clearly; ability to effectively communicate with the general public, our clientele, legislators and community leaders


• Ability to develop, negotiate and foster complex business relationships


• Ability to quickly internalize government procedures and requirements


• Ability to develop new sources of revenue



We are looking for candidates who:


• Share passion for the high growth industry and for the larger community in Hawaii


• Embraces and be the catalyst for a culture of change


• Perceive challenges as opportunities


• Team-minded


• Have a natural thirst for problem solving at a systems level


• Translate the principles of lean startup and other high growth industry principles to managing this agency


• Make decisions and acts quickly based on available data while mitigating risk


• Contribute and furthers the integrity of our corporate brand


• Set needed structure and boundaries for staff and for the industry


• Psychologically aware to be politically wise


• Ego takes a step back for the cause



Application Requirements:

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, salary history and requirements, and 3 professional references as PDF documents to Electronic submissions only.


Expected Start Date: Open until the position is filled.

Deadline: For best consideration, materials should be received by July 15, 2013

Job Status: Full-time; position is exempt from State Civil Service requirements and is excluded from collective bargaining unit (i.e., union), but features other State benefits


Job Location: Honolulu, HI

Contact Information:

Yvonne Harue

(email inquiry only please)

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