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Further evidence that the state of Hawaii is not business friendly

Outdoor Circle Wants Wienermobile Banned
Group Says Vehicle Violates Billboard Law

HONOLULU -- The Outdoor Circle wants the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile's trip to the islands to be its last, saying it violates the state's billboard law.

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The 27-foot fiberglass vehicle shaped like a hotdog on wheels just wrapped up a three-week tour on Oahu.

"It's not a heinous crime, but in Hawaii our beauty is so important it's what we have for the people here and it's what brings the visitors," said Bob Loy of the Outdoor Circle

While other vehicles on the road may display large advertising, they do not violate the law because they're used primarily for business, Loy said. He said that is not the case for the Wienermobile

"It's primary purpose even stated on the Kraft Foods web site, is to market Kraft Foods," Loy said.

Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
A spokesperson for Kraft Foods said the Wienermobile attended events in Hawaii and was used to raise money for charity, but did not break any laws.

"To our knowledge we did not violate any laws. We worked with local authorities to secure permits when they were necessary. We had a frank-tastic time in Hawaii," a company representative said.

Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
Mayor Mufi Hannemann said no one called to complain to the city about the Wienermobile while it was on the island. However, he says the city is investigating.

Oscar Meyer's wiener on wheels is likely the oldest and perhaps most successful mobile marketing campaigns in the country. Right now, company officials said there are no plans for it to return to Hawaii.

The Outdoor Circle hopes it stays that way.

"While the Wienermobile is cute and certainly attracts a lot of attention, I don't think it's the kind of advertising we want in Hawaii," Loy said.


Ken speaking: In reality in think this is pretty funny and this blog post is meant to amuse, to arouse.

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