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FREE to a Good Home: 3 Tivos (old Series 1) plus TiVo WiFi

I have 3 Series 1 TiVo boxes, remotes, and a TiVo USB WiFi adapter that I would prefer don't go into the landfill. 2 of them work perfectly. One has problems starting up. I thought one of you gadget gurus might have use for their innards, could use them for parts, or just want another TiVo or two around the house. First person willing to pick them up today in Kailua or next week in town, from Judi Clark, can have 'em.

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Comment by John LeBlanc on July 24, 2009 at 6:39pm
Hey Shane!

I realize an entire month has passed since the original post, but have these been adopted yet?



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