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I've decided that I really want a computer with satellite internet capabilities or that can in some way always connect to the internet. This is something I've been desiring for a while but after seeing reviews for the iPad I began to see the many ways that always being able to work online would be great. I'm torn between waiting for a netbook to emerge on the market that has Google Chrome OS on it or perhaps getting an iPad. I like the format of the netbook better but the sleekness of iPad is also attractive along with the capability of signing up for 3G service on a month by month basis at a fair rate. The downsides for me in regards to the iPad are that its hard to see too much that it can do that my iPhone can't at this point and also the lack of an actual keyboard would make it difficult to get much work done on.

So that's my journey towards always being connected...what device do you use? What service do you use for Internet connection on your device?

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Comment by Dan Starr on March 12, 2010 at 4:35pm
I've found having a cell-data laptop card essential for a mobile lifestyle. I use AT&T's 3G network which seems very speedy in most paved locations on Oahu and Kauai. AT&T's Hawaiian networks are generally much less congested than the Bay Area. A bonus for me is I can swap the AT&T sim card into my developer google phone and have best of both worlds for ~$60 per month.

Free wifi tethering is also an option for android phones, although I haven't tried it recently. Steve Jobs himself said the ipad won't have tethering abilities, so laptop-style work will need a separate connection.

As for satellite: TV satellite providers like Direct-TV provide an option which, in my opinion, is really only for people living beyond cable/DSL/3G in the US or Canada. 3G and even 2.5G generally have faster response times than satellite, although the later may have bursts of higher data transfer rates. My parents have this, and their plan is very close to cell-data's $60/month. For me, their connection is pretty unusable since the 0.5-1.5 second lag cripples my ssh/VNC work. Also, this requires a finely positioned dish, so it's not a mobile option.

Then there is the other type of satellite, which isn't really an option at $6 per MB. I suppose this will eventually become affordable, but not for a while. And when it does, expect a lot of things to change very rapidly.


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