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Tech Picks: John McCain and Barack Obama

Technology pundits from around the blogsphere are weighing in on the primaries. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch fame recently endorsed John McCain and Barak Obama as the best candidates on technology issues. At first I thought it odd that a tech blog would be weighing in on the presidential race, but Arrington rightly points out that the candidates have very different opinions on key technology issues such as net neutrality, H1B visas and internet taxes. TechCrunch has an excellent reference summarizing each candidate's position on technology issues. CNET also has a very good Technology Voters' Guide. For what its worth, I agree with Mike's choices, although I'd like to see McCain come out in favor of net neutrality.

Its interesting to see how web savvy candidates like Obama are making good use of viral video and the blogsphere. We will soon find out what kind of boost this gives him over dem-bot Hillary Clinton.

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