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3G iPhone Nice, But Still Missing Key Features

This week the blog featured several good iPhone 3G posts. Finally the wait it over. The most important improvements are 3G network support, GPS, support for third party apps, Exchange push support and a significant price cut. These are all great, but I can't believe we still don't have basic features like cut, copy and paste. I wonder if this is because they haven't figured out how to reconcile text selection with the fact that click and drag gestures are used for scrolling. We discussed this in the
User Experience group. Other important omissions include video recording, audio recording, and multimedia messaging. Most popular handsets have supported these features for years. In Japan in particular, these features are standard fair. We discussed this along with the lack of
osaifu-keitai functionality in a
related post. Finally, it would be really nice to have easy bluetooth file sharing. Despite these drawbacks I expect the price cut and 3G network support alone will have iPhone enthusiasts out in droves. Thoughts?

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