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Note: Sam is actually our featured techie from last month. To maintain a history we will be adding featured techie profiles to the blog as well as having a column on the front page.
Sam Joseph

Sam programmed in Java for 10 years, but recently switched to Ruby as his language of choice. He is the lead developer on the Prometheus Rails project at the University of Hawaii, and is a full time researcher in the Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies (
LILT - new web site coming very soon ...). Sam also teaches courses on programming for the mobile internet, having spent a number of years in Japan developing java apps for the mobile phones there. He is very excited about the new iPhone SDK and is working on a number of new applications to take advantage of high speed ubiquitous wireless, particularly augmented reality and social computing applications. Sam has collected various academic qualifications along the way including a B.Sc. (Hons) in astrophysics from the University of Leicester, UK, a M.Sc. in cognitive science and natural language and a Ph.D. in neural networks from the University of Edinburgh, UK. He was also recipient of the Raymond-Hide prize for Astrophysics and a Toshiba Fellowship.

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