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How to Lose $150 While You Sleep

Last night I was working on a script to build and sign iOS applications for ad hoc distribution. If you've ever done over-the-air distribution of iOS applications, then you have probably seen what happens when you attempt to install an application that is not signed properly. The installation will start and progress to a certain point and then fail and then re-try forever or until you interrupt it. What I discovered last night is that even when you interrupt it, it may still continue looping…


Added by Stephen McMahon on March 1, 2014 at 6:28am — 3 Comments

Auto-Updating Enterprise or Ad-Hoc iOS Applications

I work on Enterprise iOS applications for a large energy company and do not have access to an MDM, but I recently had a requirement to provide an in-app way to notify users when an update is available and a way to update it immediately if they choose to. Another requirement was that it must be completely managed within the company's network, so systems like TestFlightApp were not an option.  So I created a custom UpdateManager class that I reference in my AppDelegate as such:…


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Localization in GWT using i18nCreator

I'm currently working on a GWT project for a large international company, so I've been spending some time before I really get too far into it to learn how to make this less painful to translate into multiple languages. I've found that GWT makes this a pretty simple task as long as you start with a little planning. Here I'm going to demonstrate the simplest possible example of localization, but I hope that it will be clear enough to explain how simple this is to accomplish and to maybe spare the… Continue

Added by Stephen McMahon on September 16, 2009 at 9:54pm — 1 Comment

Early Morning Adventures with GWT, Eclipse and AppEngine for Java

I have a conference call with people in Houston, Dubai and China starting at 3:30 A.M. every Wednesday and this morning while everyone was talking over one another on a topic that didn't concern me, I was able to check out this very cool new stuff! Finally -- the

GWT Eclipse plugin! …


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