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Continuous Delivery with WordPress

As a continuation of my blog posts regarding continuous delivery, I shall explore the continuous delivery options for WordPress websites since I was recently been involved in such a project.

One changing component of a WordPress website is its templates, which are written in PHP. This PHP source can be version controlled quite easily and integrated with a continuous delivery system.

However, another changing component of a WordPress website is its plugins and their…


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I like to hone my problem-solving skills by going over some programming contest questions and I also like to use programming contest problems in interviews because it allows me to gauge whether the candidate is a just a coder or a problem solver. That's not to say that if you can't come up with a correct solution, you aren't a problem solver -- if I'm the interviewer, I'm more interested in how you approach the problem and whether you can break up and present the problem in an abstract…


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C# Architecture Preference

Having worked on many software projects written in C#, I've come to prefer certain conventions when creating the architecture of a C# project. In this highly opinionated blog post, I will share these personal preferences, which I hope may be of some value to the reader.

Single Solution, Multiple Projects

If possible, I prefer not to hunt down projects that ultimately make up the product. If a product is a collection of projects, then I think this should be bundled as a Visual…


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ArchISO with Broadcom Drivers

As a reference for myself in the future and for others who may find this information useful, this blog post describes my experience with installing ArchLinux on a machine that requires Broadcom wireless drivers for Wi-Fi and Ethernet isn't available.

I recently decided to install ArchLinux on my…


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Continuous Delivery with Ruby on Rails and Heroku

So I figured that as a follow-up of my overview on continuous delivery, I shall present past experiences of establishing such systems in various environments.

Version control systems (VCS) and continuous integration systems (CIS) are essential to me in software development so I like to set up a…


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The Neglected Requirements Process

In my experience with software development thus far, I find that requirements analysis is often overlooked or completely ignored. I believe that by not spending some time understanding the need for the software that's about to built, the developers may really be building an inferior product, which in the end is costly for the stakeholders of the project.

From my experience, there is often the misconception that the requirements process, in which requirements are discovered, is a slow…


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Continuous Delivery Overview

This blog post can be considered a follow up of my previous post regarding unit-testing. In this post, I share my experiences and ideas for continuous delivery (CD) systems.

Wikipedia has a great sequence diagram of what the delivery pipeline looks like.

Jez Humble's Continuous Delivery blog…


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Unit-Testing T-SQL Projects

Recently, I've been tasked with maintaining software that is driven by T-SQL. Unfortunately, these applications did not have sufficient documentation describing what the software does and what its expected behaviors are. Thus, I was thinking of a low-cost and simple way of introducing unit-testing so that I can have a better understanding of what's going on in the software and to provide a means of stating my assumptions on what the expected behaviors are.

In this post, I describe in…


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