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So what happened at the core meeting before this last WetWare at Ryan’s?

Well, the group started by discussing the structure of WWW events. The group decided that the structure, format and location of the event should change monthly based on the theme of that particular WWW. For example, if we are having WetWare before a Startup Weekend event, the best format may be a lot of networking and mingling at a hip venue with short presentations, as opposed to a lengthy presentation in a more formalized setting.

Also, each core member is now in charge of bringing in a sponsor for the event. (Btw, Interested in sponsoring? Contact Sandy Park @ 539-3794).


Next agenda item, Coded with Aloha:

So, we realized that there is no trade association for tech in Hawaii. In fact, WWW is the closest thing we have to something that bands together the tech industry folks on the islands. Where is the collective web presence for Hawaii Startups? That’s when we came up with Coded with Aloha.


Coded with Aloha will be very similar in structure to New York Tech Meetup’s “Made in NYC” project. In fact, we have contacted the NYTM folks, and they are psyched that we are looking to start something like this in Hawaii. Check it out: The site is pretty inspiring, and we thought that this would be very cool to start here.


Coded with Aloha would be a web page (developed and maintained by HTDC) that lists innovation based software companies that are coding apps/firmware/software for sale, licensing, or public use here in Hawaii. Web design would also be included. The company must also have a physical presence in Hawaii. If you meet these criteria, you would be listed and linked on the site, and if you’re hiring, we’ll note that too!


In exchange, we want the listed site to put a little link (near the copyright) that comes back to the Coded with Aloha page. The link can say whatever you like, and no logo is required (Coded with Aloha, Made in HI, Crafted in Honolulu, etc). What’s in it for you? Access to Hawaii based talent for your startup, SEO, State coding pride, you name it. What do you think? We’re pretty excited.


At this point, Dan Leuck and Philip Johnson thought it would be cool to have a counter for the lines of code embedded in the Coded with Aloha site, instead of a page visit counter. They geeked out for awhile about this, and it actually sounds pretty cool.


This was the gist of the core meeting before the event started. Once Karl (K-Fooks) of HSDC showed up, the party really started. Probably because the State of Hawaii gave him mad dollar bills for a Venture Accelerator in Hawaii. WHAT?

Comments, questions, concerns, shout outs? Holla back.


Michael Reisor


Stay tuned for next month’s WetWare Beat, right here on TechHui. In the meantime, check out our facebook page!


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