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Aloha WWW regulars and newbies!


As some of you are aware, WetWare Wednesday (WWW) is a group/event dedicated to Software Developers in Hawaii who are interested in meeting monthly in a casual and friendly environment to share ideas, collaborate, and spark new opportunities in Hawaii.  WWW was founded by HTDC and Blue Planet software, with the interest in connecting stakeholders from all sides of the tech industry, whether you are an educator, a student, venture capitalist, developer, or just someone who really digs the burgeoning startup scene in Hawaii.


We want your attendance at WWW because we know that when you bring together a zealous group of techies, great things happen. Like free Pupus.


Every WWW, before the event kicks off, a core group of stakeholders meet up at a side table to discuss the structure of the group, set new goals, discuss partnerships, and attract sponsors to keep the events alive and kickin’. Some of the core members are:


Henk Rogers

Dean Crouch

Galen Sasaki

Tony Kuh

Stephen Itoga

Martha Crosby

Philip Johnson

Dennis Streveler

David Lassner

Scott Murakami

Rosemary Sumajit

Gary Murakami

Daniel Leuck

Kevin Hughes

Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Shawn Taras

Yuka Nagashima

Maya Rogers


For the interest of transparency, and to get input from a wider audience, the core group decided that we should post notes from these meetings online for all to enjoy, ponder, or lampoon. What is the best format for this? TechHui of course!

So from this point forward, I will be writing the "Wetware Beat," where after every WWW you can log on to TechHui and get the low down on that event. If you have suggestions of feedback, please message me on TechHui or shoot me an email at 

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