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I'm curious what languages and tools folks are using. Alex & Viil - Are you guys using PHP or Ruby for your projects?

Also, are most of you using Dreamweaver for page design?

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Mostly using PHP so far, dabbling a little in Ruby, but not to any extreme. Seems to me the classic PHP, MySQL, CSS, JS, still is a powerful combination. Lately I've been using Coldfusion. I kinda like it, but it is very differnt, and still enjoy PHP more.

Ruby does have some very attractive features though.

I use Dreamweaver for coding. Most of the page design seems to be easier to do manually. Although dreamweaver doesn't add all the crap the MS products does, it still isn't fully there yet (IMO). DW, with a side of Ultra Edit is my combo.
I am still working on some older designs, that is table based, but slowly tweening it over to a CSS based design. I am also converting static pages into was the only option due to server restrictions of the client's ISP. It is a slow process though since everything is live, and I really don't have time to do it all at once...which I guess is a completely different discussion again...what is best...snap it off in one, or taking it bit by bit.
> We abandoned DW a few versions ago because of the bulky code. We now
> use Expression Engine and WordPress for basic CMS functionality and do
> the rest of the CSS code by hand

We are in the same camp. I can't believe there still isn't a decent WYSIWYG web tool that produces terse clean code!

In terms of CMS, we use Confluence for intranets. I absolutely love wikis, and Confluence is the best I've seen. We have done about a dozen installations to date.

In terms of CMS for marketing type sites, I still haven't found one that isn't a PITA. I've wrestled with Vignette (which seems better suited to news sites), Interwoven, and the other big commercial implementations. We are now experimenting with Zope and other open source systems. If I started a CMS project today I might be inclined to use a JCR (Java Content Repository) back end and something scripty for the UI.
Hi everyone. Great to meet some of you yesterday at the Unconfernz.

I use PHP, MySQL, Javascript and CSS.

I do all coding by hand using Editplus (text editor). I've been using this editor since 2001 or so. I tried some of the PHP IDEs a few years ago but nothing seemed to work for me at the time. Perhaps they've improved IDEs since then. Anyone using one?

A year ago I bought a 24" iMac to do development on. But I couldn't get the older versions of PHP4 installed on it so I bought a Dell laptop with WinXP and decided to continue developing on a windoze machine.
You may want to try Eclipse. The time you save with a good debugger alone is worth the investment in learning the IDE. Code completion and refactoring tools are also huge time savers.
I use the "Classic Combo" plus Smarty. I don't use an IDE, just use a simple text editor (Notepad++). I've only used web authoring programs like Dreamweaver and Frontpage for simple static pages, but I've found that Nvu (latest edition is KompoZer which I haven't tried) produces nice terse code.
We all seem to be generally on the same page (pun sort of intended). I am also php, mysql, css, javascript focused. I haven't used DW for years. We do everything in BBEdit, which I love.

We just implemented a big new research portal in Drupal (CMS) and I have to say it is a bear, badly documented, ridiculously steep learning curve... and, well, just not as pleasant to work with as straight PHP coding. Drupal's back end is php/mysql. I consider it the Dreamweaver for PHP... supposedly easier to develop "because you don't have to know how to program," but in the end so messy and complicated it's hard to maintain with any ease. There seem to be a lot of people who worship it though.
I'm really curious to know what other free/open-source CMS options are out there for visual designers and front-end html/css people like me. I usually work with a web developer whenever any of my clients need a backend setup. Ideally, I'd like to be able to offer the ability to update their content on their own.

Dan, let me know how Zope goes, and thanks Roxanne, for letting us know that you use Expression Engine and Wordpress - I will definitely look into them.

I need to do a site for a client next week (music band, small site), so I'd like to experiment with one of the CMS options mentioned in this discussion. I'll also need to figure out where to host the site - which I'll decide depending upon which CMS option I end up going with. Ideas/suggestions welcome...
I use PHP, CSS with Homesite (it's old & an abandoned product but it works fine for me)
Drupal is a great open source CMS solution
I use both PHP and Rails for my projects.

For my editor, I go between jedit, notepad++ and dreamweaver depending on what I'm doing. Oh and I can't forget, firebug + web developer toolbar are things I use frequently.
oooh yeah webdeveloper tool bar is a MUST for css & clearing sessions!
This programming language related comic strip made me think of this discussion:




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