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I'm going to attend the a vsphere training to get a VCP in May at HCC. It is at a more affordable price than the vmware online/hosted ones. Say hello to me if you happen to be there.

I was using MS disk2vhd(actually bought from sysinternals) instead of vmwares converter last week as it worked a little bit better on a particular server of mine.   On that 2003 server r2 sp2, the hardware layer changed so much the MS activation licensing thing pops up, simple go around is to click telephone, change product key, put in your product key, then shutdown the virt machine and bring it back up. Downside on disk2vhd is it only works XP and higher, no 2k boxes.

Is there still a HI vmware or virtual group that meets up?  
I found what looks like an  old one linked from the vmware hub sight but the last posting was pretty old. 

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