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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1.) Work and coding can be very time consuming and may affect doing work for other classes or having any free time.

2.) Having to go through debugging whether you have a minor syntax error or just completely wrong can be stressful.

3). This can apply to being a student in general but especially for ics, falling behind can be very detrimental to learning ics material and can really hurt your grade. 

1. Having more emphasis on communicating between other ICS students to create projects, collaborate, and more.

2. The beginner courses might be too easy and unnecessary for future ICS classes.

3. It would be nice to have more specific ICS courses (for your focus) in the beginning (freshman year).

Materials being self-taught rather than taught by the professors

Certain courses do not prepare enough for the next course that follows; professors in courses that follow a previous usually say “what did they teach you in ‘previous course’?”

Lack of tutoring for difficult upper division courses

1.) I feel  as if there isn't a whole lot of interaction with other students in some of the ICS courses here at UHM, which I feel is actually a valuable thing for students since in the future we'll more than likely be working in some sort of team.

2.) The requirements to be a ICS student at Manoa can be too much. For example, the hardware necessary for the courses is not the cheapest for a college student, nor is there any resources available for students to utilize on campus.

3.) Courses here offer good skills and knowledge, but need to push the emphasis on internships. They seem to be a requirement to get anywhere in the field and they also help students see the real world to give them more insight on whether or not this is the right career choice for them.

1. As stated in the syllabus, some programs require better hardware than some can commit to.

2. More classes with the required focuses like WI ETH etc.

3. A PC lounge for social eg: game-dev 

I am a CENG major and don't have much experience with the ICS department. I will list three things regarding the CENG department instead:

1. Many courses are only offered 1 semester a year

2. Only 1 undergraduate professor

3. Outdated software used in labs

1. Unable to get certain classes to fit schedule

2. Assignments taking alot of time to do, since we have to learn the materials by ourselves.

3. Having a non "developer" computer puts us at a disadvantage when trying to load anything to do a timed assignment.

Three ways that the UH ICS program could improve, in my opinions could be:

1. Making some earlier classes available. Some may enjoy later classes as it could allow them to sleep in more, or give them more time to study in the day, however, I feel as though there should also be the option of taking some classes earlier, as it can interfere with many student's work schedule.

2. Some more classes that provide specific graduation requirements could also be nice as well. I feel as though more ICS classes should provide its students with WI or even perhaps OC credits if it matches what they do in the class, and it doesn't help that many required classes don't even count towards other credits unlike some majors where their required classes provide them with many of these credits. 

3. I do feel as though the lower level classes either didn't do enough to prepare me for the next level of classes, or that there is too much of a "knowledge gap" between classes. What I mean by this is that it feels as though there was something that I maybe should have learned prior to a taking a class but just haven't gone over in the lower level classes at all. The flipped classroom structure may not help with this either. Even though you do have lectures available to you at any time, which is a plus, I feel as though it could lead to students taking longer to digest information as they cannot immediately ask the professor for clarification/explanation and have to wait for the next class period to ask. 

This only applies to computer engineering

1. stop teaching us outdated stuff

2. hire more faculty 

3. keep giving us interesting electives to take.

Three ways that the UH ICS program could improve include: 

1. Making the program more affordable. 

2. Offer more courses to help us become full stack web developers. 

3. Offer more internship opportunities for employers in Hawaii.

1. Make courses focused on preparing students to be effective programmers/IT professionals, and not to wash out students who don't make the grade cut (especially with the most difficult classes). This goes hand in hand with offering more practical classes as opposed to required theory and math.

2. Increase the number of courses/openings in courses. It is often difficult to get into required classes on time to stay on track for graduation.

3. Watching other people enjoy free time/other hobbies while I debug code is very demoralizing. ICS students need a break! More resources for ICS students to manage their time would be great, along with less burdensome requirements.

1. Have more career exposure. Similar to how the College of Engineering has its own career fair.

2. More classes focused on teaching web and mobile app development. 

3. With classes being mostly online due to Covid its probably harder for students to get tutoring. Having more TA's around for online tutoring may be useful.



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