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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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Three ways that the UH ICS program could improve in my opinion:

1. More exposure to programming languages other than Java.

2. Course offerings in specialty areas, such as bioinformatics and high performance computing, for undergraduates.

3. More ICS classes with the ethical, oral communication, and writing intensive focus areas.

1. Many ICS classes have a large workload, which can add up taking multiple ICS classes.

2. Having to take classes that are unrelated to the major.

3. Some courses can be taught very late in the day.

I'm in the electrical engineering program so I have no base to give judgement go improve the ics program.

1. Making classes more affordable by using free online resources instead of textbooks.
2. More sections at different times to help avoid schedule conflicts.
3. Emphasizing teamwork and learning how to share code (ex. github) earlier in the ICS programming.

What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

1. Each class should have more TAs so that we can have more personal face-to-face help and interaction with a TA.

2. The ICS program should offer more programming language other than Java such as Python, and other frameworks. 

3. Class availability and when the classes are offered at only limited semesters. 

1. I was hoping for more C/C++ courses. I know that sounds crazy, but I think that it would be beneficial. Higher level programming languages are easier on the programmer, but generally take longer for the computer to process. Disregarding the benefit of processing speed, when things are easier, people tend to take short cuts and get sloppy.... finding bugs in poorly formatted in C/C++ can be a nightmare, which gets you into a habit of properly formatting your code, and ultimately that carries over into other programming languages.
2. In my opinion, the workload for some courses is too high compared to the credit hours. Take ICS311 (Algorithms) as an example, which is supposedly the most repeated course at the University. If statistically students are performing poorly, regardless of the professor, that indicates to me that there is too much material being covered in too short a period of time. I would say to split up the course into two courses (similar to how ICS111/211 - Introduction to Computer Science I/II and ICS141/241 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science I/II are split), cover the same material, just over a longer period of time.
3. It seems like some courses are not considered as important as others, being offered once a year, if at all. I am interested in taking both ICS351 (Network Design and Management) and ICS451 (Data Networks), each cover different aspects of networking (according to the course descriptions), but I have only seen ICS451 offered.

Top three bad things about being an ICS student are:

1. One bad thing about being an ICS student is there is such a huge areas of focus for Computer Science that it makes it hard to decide what you want to learn about. Personally, i would want to learn every single area and topic in Computer Science but, that would take up too much time.

2. Topics in Computer Science can sometimes be too long for a semester. I wish classes and lectures would have longer hours for Computer Science majors so we are able to digest more information on topics instead of generally going over lectures.

3. One last bad thing about being an ICS student is sometimes Computer Science can be looked at in a bad perspective towards others. There is a general view on ICS students not being "cool", but this is a very minor problem being an ICS student as every student in general comes in different backgrounds/personalities, i am just glad i am actually able to study what i am interested in.

As a computer engineering student, I don't really know too much about how the UH ICS program is run, however here are three bad things that I've heard from friends in the ICS department:

1. Some ICS professors do not properly convey difficult concepts to students at the lower levels.

2. The ICS department does not have as much resources as say, the engineering department, therefore they cannot do as many great things as other larger, better funded departments can.

3. The ICS department is inconsistent with good/bad professors. For example, one professor may teach an ICS class amazingly well in the Spring semester, but then another professor will teach with a quality that does not match the previous professor in the Fall semester.

1) The coursework is very time-consuming.
2) Courses are either scheduled at odd hours of the day or are only available once a year as opposed to every semester
3) Required to take four semesters of foreign language

1. Some courses are only offered once a year

2. Buying a laptop matching the requirements for ICS classes is costly

3. Programming assignments take up a lot of time, leaving less room for other coursework

1. Some schedules require afternoon classes, some going from 3-8 PM, which is usually the timeframe I work on things on my own. I'd really like to settle or have more options available as a result of this.
2. Some classes outside of my degree that are required is such a hassle to deal with that it somehow takes up more time than my ICS course load at times.
3. Figuring out what to actually focus figuring out my career on at times. It's both a plus and a negative, where one has multiple paths with Computer Science, but figuring out which one to devote to leaves someone like me indecisive until I really have to choose.

What are three bad things about being an ICS student?  One for me is not having as much personal time as I'd like. Another would be spending hours on single bugs/assignments, and not having an adequate amount of time for other assignments for other classes.  The last thing would the limited amount of people you can meet and interact with, as the ICS program at UH is not as big as other programs, like Biology or Business.



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