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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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1. The amount of people who can take a class is very limited, sometimes there are only two to three small sections for one subject, so I'd like for the be opportunities for more people to be able to take a class.
2. The time allotted for some classes tend to either be really early in the morning or really late in the afternoon. As someone who has a commute time of two hours per trip, it requires me to be very early and out late at night. So I'd like for there to be some adjustments when it comes to the classes.
3. The costs as an ICS student is a lot. A laptop I understand, but we have to have one that is new enough to meet certain demands which requires us to be spending a bit more to improve our own or buy a new one, along with the textbooks and reading materials which for some, is used in only some classes.

Three bad things about being an ICS student

1. There are many required general education courses that are not as useful to ICS students compared to other science majors.

2. The ICS courses are limited to two branches: General Software Development or Security Science (Cyber Security). Perhaps there may be other branches such as IT, Graphics, Networking, or AI.

3. Most ICS courses require a lot of study time and sometimes difficult. Although it is important to learn and spend time, time management may become stressful.

1. I wish there more courses on C and python or, at the very least, utilize these languages in the class.

2. More courses and professors.

3. Having ICS courses that cover more of the prerequisites for our major.  It feels like a waste of time taking courses completely unrelated to ICS solely to complete major requirements.

1. Although many of my past and current ICS professors don't make buying the course's textbook mandatory, I find that doing so helps a lot with the course work and the textbooks are expensive.

2. Not a lot of ICS courses have ETH, WI, or OC requirements.

3. Computer requirements for higher level ICS courses should be made aware to 1st year students so they can future proof their purchases.

a) Outdated learning materials on some of the courses.

b) More security related courses would be nice.

c) Some courses are taught only once a year, making it difficult to plan courses.

Three ways that the UH ICS program could improve would be:

1. To have classes that are more manageable that can more readily be taken concurrently. By this I mean that in order to teach certain classes the workload does not need to be so extensive that all of your other classes suffer. Such as at higher levels in ICS it is extremely difficult to take more than 2 ICS classes (personally) and still being able to manage other class work.

2. It's probably unreasonable to state that the prerequisites for being an ICS major are extensive with all of the rigorous science courses (chemistry and physics). If there was a way to create classes in these subjects that were ICS focused and could have applications in this field I feel that it would be more beneficial.

3. Lastly I agree that there should be more ICS courses that double up on meeting requirements such as writing intensive, ethical, and oral communications. It would be nice to have more options for those courses within the ICS major even if they were only offered online.

3 Bad things about being an ICS student.

1. Good laptops are expensive.

2. ICS homework assignments take a really long time to do.

3. We have to look for power outlets almost everywhere we go.

The paramount issue that I've run into as a student in the UH ICS program would be the limited availability of online classes.  Our passion is technology and we seem to be the best demographic for that type of learning environment.  Another experienced issue would be the requirement of having to accomplish a two year language.  It seems that the many programming languages that we learn should satisfy such a requirement.  Finally, I feel that there should be more courses made available over the summer, even if the course ran through both summer sessions.

Three negative aspects of the UH ICS program:

1. Some courses seem to only be offered once a year.

2. Not enough special courses meeting graduation requirements (eg. WI). 

3. Small desks work for 10" netbooks, but aren't well suited for people with laptops 12" or larger.

1. Offering classes with earlier and flexible hours, especially for the late classes.

1. I think that books aren't that helpful for me when it comes to coding. I'd personally prefer to watch a video of someone explaining what a particular function does, and examples on how to use it.

2. I always wanted to do practice problems so that I can get better at coding, but I don't really know what websites are good. It would be really cool to grab a list of useful websites that could enhance your coding.

3. It would be cool to have more instructors that could teach different languages.

1. There are expensive textbooks.

2. Laptops required for some courses.

3. Classes are sometimes late in the afternoon.



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