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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

If you can think of more than three things, then please limit your response to your top three!

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What are three ways that the UH ICS program could improve?

1. I have not been in the UH ICS program long so I am not familiar with it. However, I feel that a good program would, offer lots of outside (out of class) help.

2. Have an interactive community both in person and virtually

3. Offer lots of opportunities professionally for students that graduate from the program.

1. More help in finding job opportunities and internships/ teaching students to find them.

2. Helping students find what type of focus they want to do because frankly there are a bunch of ICS students that want to get a job in Computer Science but don't know what type of job specifically.

3. Introduce students to different clubs that focuses on Computer Science related stuff like ACM and GreyHats. Not a lot of students know about these clubs. So helping these clubs grow can improve the ICS community in UH.

Three ways that the UH ICS program could improve would be:

1. More courses with better hours. I had a class at 3pm and 6pm before.

2. Less or easier assignments, I stay up more than I need to sometimes trying to keep up with ICS classes, my other 

    required classes and work.

3. Closer classes. Sometimes the distance between my classes are really big.

1. One section for ICS 314 class will not be considered a WI although all three sections are supposed to be identical in what we do in class. It seems unfair to those who could not get into the WI courses because we do not get credit for the work. 

2. It is hard to get into a lot of courses for ICS. Not enough instructors. 

3. There are not much people that can help you with HW assignments other than the professors or TAs of that specific class. It would be nice if there are more tutors who are familiar with the course assignments. 

1. More specializations for studies other than security such as data management, networking, etc.

2. Discounted software and hardware for students, especially since 314 requires a higher end laptop

3. Offer more sections for classes. Sections fill up really quick and since some courses are only offered once a year, if you miss the semester you're out of luck until next year 

As a transfer student, I have only had 2 days in the UH ICS program, so I do not know any significant issues where the program could improve. If there was one thing I would like to have seen was different ways to become involved in activities provided by the ICS program. 

1)The only clubs that I know of that are ICS-related is ACM and Grey Hats. I feel that there maybe should be more clubs, if there is opportunity to do so.

2)Possibly adding more sections for high-demand classes. You can have different sections occurring at different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening).

3)There aren’t many specific areas of study as a ICS majors.

One thing the ICS program at UH can improve on is teaching the students how to communicate better with certain audiences (people in ICS don't understand certain technical terms ICS majors use on the daily).  Another thing is that sometimes the professors go too fast and they leave people in the class lost and confused.  A third way the ICS program can improve on is to stop changing the requirements to graduate almost every semester, because some people are forced to graduate in more years than their original goal as a result.

Kirsten Takanishi 

1. Not changing the necessary courses needed to get a degree/certificate so frequently (and not updating the ICS website to reflect those changes). It is rather problematic when one finds out they need to take more courses in order to graduate or gain a certificate and it delays graduation for many. It would be better to keep the classes the same and informing people about the changes without the need to see someone about it.

2. Having classes end before 7 PM or 8 PM (or not starting so late in the day). There are some lecture classes and lab sections that end rather late at night, which is time consuming for some students. It is especially hard for students who work and go to school to keep up with this schedule.   

3. Limiting the number of prerequisites needed to get into the ICS program. I understand some courses, such as 111 and 141 (and other similar courses), are needed to expand an ICS student’s knowledge in the field; however, there seems to be too many prerequisites needed to enter the program or obtain a certificate.  

1. I'm a firm believer that the most important in any class is the instructor. A variety of factors can determine which professor you deem the best for your learning (expertise, communication skills, personality, background etc.) Unfortunately within the UH Computer Science program there is a lack of choice when it comes to professors, especially when it comes to classes that fulfill the basic requirements of the degree. This lack of options often forces students to take classes with professors they don't mix well with over and over, which is bad for both class engagement and the student's learning. 

2. The computer science program is notorious for the limited class availability. Some classes simply are too small, and others are too popular. The result is the same, students are forced to delay taking a class, or substitute a class for one they didn't really want. On top of that some classes are only offered once a year, further hampering flexibility and student choice.

3. The worst thing about being an ICS student is the workload. Now it should be noted this isn't unique to UH's program, computer science is not an easy degree anywhere, but the hours of time required is still a burden. Even students who work diligently can be caught in situations where achieving good grades means devoting hours to ICS classes and sacrificing in other areas.  

1) I am not a fan of the flipped classroom because personally I feel more engaged when teaching is done in person rather than over video. It's hard to ask a professor a question when they're talking to you through a screen, and emailing them doesn't give you the same kind of interaction that you get in a face-to-face conversation. However this does allow us more time to engage in group activities during class, which is nice.

2) Everyone loves to make friends especially with people in the same major. I would like to see more ICS student activities where people can get to know each other and make friends (ex. ice cream socials?) I think this would help the ICS student body feel more like a family rather than just a bunch of students, which would encourage people to study together, motivate each other, and overall do better in class!

3) There are only two clubs (someone else also mentioned this) and I feel like there should be more. Clubs help people get involved in cool unique projects in specific areas that they are interested in. If Grey Hats is mostly specific to cyber security, we could have a club dedicated to AI or app development or things like that and it would open doors for many students looking for those kinds of opportunities.

1. Networking with Software Companies: I understand that this is almost next to impossible for a school on an island such as UH Manoa; however, I feel that the amount of companies that recruit at UH are slim to none. By encouraging alumni to come back to UH to hire students or by reaching out to friends or family that work at bigger companies can positively influence the ICS program.

2.  Stronger Algorithms Class: I think one of the foundations of interviewing at well-known software companies currently is the ability to quickly code algorithms learned in classes like ICS 311 or EE 367. I think that as a whole, both classes lack the depth and difficulty to prepare students for the actual interview process. This makes it very difficult for students to succeed in these interviews if they get them in the future.

3. Involvement with Hawaii's Tech Scene: There seems to be little involvement or push to get students to participate in hackathons or hosting hackathons for students. Although I don't think it is the university's responsibility, the lack of hackathons is one less opportunity for ICS students to create a new application for their resume or showcase their ability and win recognition and prizes.



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