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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. MSDNAA software is a huge perk for UH ICS students. We even have Windows 7 before it is released in retail.

2. Gerald Lau. Probably one of the most active advisors I have ever had. He has tons of advice and is always on the lookout for career opportunities for ICS students.

3. The professors here are brilliant and really know their stuff. They're also very down to earth and are easy to talk to. It's natural to be intimidated by the professors because of their accomplishments, but they are always willing to help if you need it. You just have to ask!
1. Access to free software via MSDN
2. Specialized subjects in the 300-400 levels
3. Having a well kept and clean computer lab...x2 !
1. Yes, as many have already stated, who doesn't love free software especially ones that cost more than most non-tech people would pay for. MSDN is great, I hope to see it continually updated.

2. The things you learn in general. What I mean by this is the fact that if your a tech person you'll be really on the ball with all the new technology, but the fact is that your always on the user side of these things. You may know how to use MS Office well, or know what the heck a Zune is, but sometimes your just never satisfied with a feature of something and wish you had a way to do exactly what you want to do. Through just the progression of courses you take, you can eventually see this from the developer side. You'll start making tweaks on a program here and there, and then eventually you'll have a great idea for something and realize you can implement it yourself, the only thing stopping you from progress is procrastination.

3. When I walk around and take a look at some of the other majors in the sciences, it would seem that ICS is one of the smaller parts of this college. For a positive spin on this though, I do feel that we are closer. If you've ever had a class with a TA, you can bet if they haven't graduated yet you'll have them very often, so you get to know them really well, rather than seeing them once or twice a week. You'll also start noticing the same people in every ICS class you take, and this allows us to work very effectively in large projects and group assignments.
1) It is a respectable major
2) The professors are very knowledgeable in what they do, and are they are willing to put the time in to help you.
3) Getting access to free software from MSDN
1. The number one thing I like about the ICS program are the free software.

2. Really good faculty staff that specialized in a variety of topics.

3. Classes that teaches us the essentials and basics of computer science.
1. Group or individual project. Since my first semester, I started working on a group project that depict the real-world problem/environment. Each project opportunity is like a package of software design process that include documenting user requirement, designing the system, coding/testing, and planning the workforce.

2. With a guidance and deadline, it is certainly a key success for me to complete each project as everytime I started I've never thought that I could finish it. Very professor that I took course with, is very helpful to guide me and help me find one intesting topic that I can work on.

3. Of course, it's so wonderful to get free software from MSDNAA. Hopefully, we're not a victim of this giveaway and still be able to use the downloaded softwares once we're done with class or graduate. Unlike the free anti-virus software from UH/ITS that you have to uninstall it once you are no longer affiliate with UH.
1. You get to work on tons of projects that requires logical and mathmatical thinkings.

2. Encourages students to be a non-procrastinator, as many of these projects requires at least two to three days to complete.

3. You get to work with the latest technology, and sometimes with those old technologies that never dies.
1. A comfortable, clean, safe feeling environment for classes and lab work. POST is one of the nicest areas I've had class in without the worry about smell, faulty seating, lack of seating, or climate.

2. A close community of familar faces is always nice to have in any environment and with ICS classes while you may not always have the same classes at the same time, you will have similar experiences you can relate to which builds a good foundation for community.

3. Access to the MSDN is a great benefit to gain exposure to new and useful software that would cost a large amount on a students budget. With the ICS classes using these programs we are able to learn and experience the latest in computer software without worrying about the budget.
1. Like everyone else, Nothing beats getting free software (legally might I add) from MSDN.

2. Being in a field that allows you to work in any type of business or company since they'll all need IT support. Which is the field that I'm focusing on.

3. The ability to program and create games. It's like a childhood dream come true.
1. Help with employment, internships and fellowships

I only got one interview from the dozens of companies that I tried to contact for an internship this summer. By April I found myself without any prospects for employment or an internship. I tell Gerald about my problems and in less than a week he helps me get a fellowship with CampusDocs.

2. Variety of Professors

I like how the UH ICS department has professors from many different backgrounds and areas of interest.

3. Exposure to a range of applications of computer science

I didn't realize how varied the discipline of computer science until I arrived at UH. Taking ICS classes in medicine, government, and other areas not traditionally associated with computer science has open my eyes to the breath of this discipline.
1. Good paying jobs!
2. Since computers are becoming increasingly indispensable in our lives, ICS students can branch out to other disciplines that they are interested in and apply their knowledge to improve those disciplines.
3. Helpful TAs.
1. Collaborative work really help assess strength and weakness.

2. The ICS professors and advisors really try to get us moving with up-to-date news, trends, and information.

3. Programming in various languages and the vast number of free software and tools make learning more interactive.



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