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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. The free licensed software from msdn.
2. Meeting and learning with other tech people.
3. Learning to be a better software engineer.
What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1) Learning from industry professionals.
2) Access to Microsoft's collection of tools and software.
3) Direct access to employers.

Daniel Arakaki
Daniel Arakaki said:
What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1) Learning from industry professionals, it is of great benefit for students to gain knowledge from professors and instructors who working experience.
2) Access to Microsoft's collection of tools and software, because students are on a limited budget it is difficult to purchase the necessary programs to do our assignments or learn about upcoming technology. Microsoft's offering of free software is a real score for students.
3) Direct access to employers, professors such as Dr. Johnson are connected to industry insiders where students can gain insight from the professionals. For example in Dr. Johnson's software engineering course he has recruiters looking at student projects.

Daniel Arakaki
1. In some respects, Hawaii has a lot of innovative technologies, and being a UH ICS student allows you to network with those professionals involved in such technologies.
2. Free Microsoft software as part of the MSDN Alliance
1. Access to software on Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Academic Alliance.

2. Experienced and accomplished professors.
1. You get to learn from subject experts.
It is very possible to learn a lot of computer science topics on your own, but you will always benefit from the teachings and guidance of someone more experienced than you.

2. There is a community of other students who are learning the same things you are.
You can help each other out, learn from them by seeing how they approach problems, learn to work in groups, and provide moral support for each other.

3. It is fun.
It is satisfying when you struggle with a challenging problem and then you finally come up with a solution. Also, when you write a program that does something interesting (and it works), it is very gratifying knowing that you created something useful.
1. I learned many programming languages. Before I major in ICS I did not have any programming experience, but now I think I can apply for those jobs and I will be able to learn another language faster than before.

2. I learned from professional professors. There are many things that were not written on the textbook and I learned from professors.

3. Programming languages are common in all over the world, so that even I go to different country it is not necessary to translate. Also there is demand of IT skill in any place, so we are able to find jobs relatively easy.
1. The professors and TA's are always more than willing to help you out (more-so than a lot of other departments). I think this is by far one of the best things about the ICS department at UH. I have taken some high level courses in other areas of study and I am always surprised how less accessible their out of class help is. In the ICS department I've never had a problem getting quick, insightful help from both the professors and TA's.

2. Some classes are just taught really good. I've taken a few classes that have exceeded my expectations and enabled me to learn a lot. Some outstanding teachers I've had are Nickles and Cassanova. I really enjoy taking these sort of classes.

3. Extracurricular activities are always promoted. I get emails and notifications all the time about jobs, internships, or presentations in the community. Its pretty cool. I've actually found some work this way.
1. Encouragement and information is provided to students in regards to employment opportunities. This includes regular emails regarding a wide range of employment openings on and off campus, as well as the regular job fairs, and professors and faculty willing to take time out to help students pursue these opportunities.

2. Online classes. While I don't have much experience with these, I know there are some. They allow a lot more flexibilities in scheduling, which is nice with how busy things can get in ICS classes.

3. A particular interest to me is that the Institute For Astronomy is part of the same UH Manoa system and allows for a little more direct access to the opportunities available through that department.
1. UH ICS students able to get free licence from MSDN. This makes students can have the commercial programming experience before they gradute. I think this is really good chance to the ICS students.

2. I can create my own ICS major with BA degree. I want to go to Japan and find a job at there after my graduation. So, I combined my Japanese cources and ICS major. Although it takes little more time to finish all the classes, I think this is also a good system that UH has.
1. Access to Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance for free software.

2. Online classes makes it easy to fit my work schedule into my school schedule.

3. UH is in Hawaii - the best place in the world!!!!!!!! When I'm stuck on a task or stressed out, I can just go outside and relax in our tropical paradise ;)
Three positive perspectives I have regarding being an ICS undergraduate are:

1. Being a working professional and living in Ewa Beach with a 1 hour commute to and from home each day makes earning a degree a drawn-out process. UH’s online courses have allowed me to take classes when otherwise I would have been unable to during a semester.

2. Some professors are excellent. They have a passion for teaching and possess the skill and capacity to transfer their knowledge to students. It is a joy to learn from these professors and the confidence you gain from their classes mitigates the sting of UH’s ever increasing tuition. These professors are up-to-date with current trends in our field and use modern concepts and tools to re-enforce the learning experience and prepare us for the job market.

3. Some 300- and 400-level courses begin to have peer and group programming projects, which I appreciate. I only wish this was introduced in some lower level courses providing the opportunity to for earlier collaboration and networking of ICS students.



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