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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1) Gerald!

Simply put, the man knows his stuff. He provides realistic advice and his own life experiences for students to take into consideration.

2) The ACM club

I'm not sure if there are other ICS related clubs, but I think it's great that there is at least one that covers three fields of computer science. It seems like a great opportunity to connect with other students in the same shoes and a way to immerse yourself in the field if you're relatively new to it.

3) Professors and TAs

It seems like most of the ICS professors and TAs genuinely want students to succeed. The courses can be difficult, but it is for a reason. They also offer a lot of office hours and are willing to help you through email as well. 

1) There are many resources for students to use if they ever need help with courses or needs to ask about future plans.

2) In my intro experience I feel that the difficulty so far from class to class has been manageable

3) Many of the online assignments and lectures are really easy to use, and the expenses for ICS so far hasn't been overly expensive.

1.There are more opportunity for students to discuss with each other in UH ICS program and it will improve students' ability to cooperate.

2.  Job opportunity is also providing by ICS program. Students will get not only more chance to contact campany with ICS position but also advice on their future careers

3. Students can get help to improve their study from professor, TA, their classmates or anyone in ICS program. This is a big family and people here will help each other.

1) There are many available resources to all ICS related students from professors to TA which is very reassuring especially when getting to harder courses.
2) Gerald is such a good advisor and helped plan on what would be ideal for my time in college as well as so many others in such a helpful way
3) there are many opportunities through clubs to get more outside of class experience with many of your peers

Three good things that the UH ICS program are providing for the students:

1) The environment, professors, tools, and resources to help us succeed are available to all students to use.

2) The professors really show their understanding of their subjects and teach your the skills that will be required of you in the future. They also emphasize how experience, connections, and practice are only going to help you in the long run.

3) Constant communication and notifications are being told to the students to offer them various opportunities and offers that are available for their benefit.

The three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students are:

1. The UH ICS program provides a door into the tech field, whether it be programming, networking, or security you can find a degree that best fits you.

2. The UH ICS program provides an environment with like minded people to network with. There are several groups you can join and the classrooms encourage social behavior.

3. The UH ICS program provides quality leadership. The TA's are helpful and the professors know what they are talking about.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

  • Opportunity - Being a CENG student it seems that there's so many job opportunities out there. Most of my graduated teammates and affiliates in CENG have jobs right out of college. Having to take on three projects and suggested internship allows for an ample amount of experience coming out to the real world.
  • If I'm at my computer all day, I might as well spend it doing something productive - Growing up in a tech world, many of us grew up looking at screens and for many of us it's been a large inspiration. Seeing tech grow at an exponential rate and wanting to contribute to it is a big motivation and I'm lucky to possibly be a contribution to this community.
  • Potential to change lives or make an impact - Technology is everywhere and can potentially help others. Whether it be direct or indirect influence, there's the possibility to give back to your community in technological innovation.

Three good things about the UH ICS program:

1) While hardware can be an issue, there's a lot of free resources out there for software and other online tools that help save yourself some money.  Whether they're online tutorials, downloadable software or operating systems for free, they're all life savers if you know what to look for.

2) Being the nature of a technology based class, the likelihood of using the technology to our advantage is higher.  Having something such as Slack or Discord, as well as other social media platforms allows the classes to be a lot closer and a lot more communicative.  Talking or asking questions becomes as easy as popping into the application and throwing it into the general chat.  No fiddling with emails or relying on a forum or email directly to the teacher to wait for a response.  Even meeting up with like minded individuals or clubs as well as project groups benefit from this greatly.

3) There's individuals in person who have already had their foots in the door to learn and gain experience on the more practical part of the subject.  They're also teaching about the use of Social Media site which further increase our practical experience and assist in our long term goals of the subject.

  1. Through ACM, I was able to hear from guest speakers talking about their experiences in the industry which gave me a better understanding of what it is I am preparing for.

  2. The ICSpace provides a good place to collaborate with people you may not even know on work you don't understand.

  3. The TA's in the ICS department have always been more helpful when it came to office hours and asking questions.

1. The classes are challenging but fun, allowing for a great learning experience that requires you to push yourself forward and improve.

2. Able to network with other ICS students through clubs.

3. The faculty inspires success, encouraging each student to do their best and do well. It makes it easy to reach out for help when needed.

1. free software

2. learning practical programming skill

3. good professional advice

1. Learning the new high technology to improve our lives.

2. improving our resume, so it is easier for us to get a good job

3. Learning how to solve the real problems.



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