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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1) A lot of the resources needed for the class such as textbooks (if any) and softwares are free.

2) Since computer science is such a broad field, there are many opportunities to branch out to more specific fields that would be more interesting to you.

3) Being taught valuable skills that are actually used in the field such us using Git and other industry standards. Another valuable lesson is being taught how to tackle and solve problems which helps a lot when it comes to the field of computer science.

  1. There are professors that are invested and enthusiastic about their subject. This makes it easier to pay attention because they present information in a way that grabs your interest.
  2. There is a website we can go on to ask questions publicly to everyone in class or privately to our professor.
  3. You learn how to work in a team

As a computer engineer major, I do not know too much about the UH ICS program but here is what I've seen so far: 

  1. The professors are enthusiastic and want to help their students. I've noticed the professors are trying to help their students receive an A in their classes. They provide a lot of material and a schedule in how to achieve an A. 
  2. In going through the first week of ICS 314, the professor made assignments geared toward improving our professional portfolio. I haven't worked on the professional profile that much but through this class I can build it up and hopefully get job offers in the future. 
  3. ICS program provides classes that are geared to improving my skills for the future. I am taking multiple ICS course and in all of them I am learning useful skills to help me work towards the career I want. 

1. In many of our ICS courses, we learn a wide range of programming languages that broadens our knowledge and skills to become better at programming.

2. For ICS courses we usually do not need to worry about purchasing textbooks since they are primarily online. For other classes, we would be required to buy a one-time use book that is not necessarily needed later on for our degree.

3. The ICS program provides students a great understanding of what working is like. Instead of working independently, we learn to work together as a team to solve the solution.

1. Professors, TAs, ATAs/LAs, and other computer science majors are happy to help.

2. Gerald is a great advisor!

3. Getting to take 400-level computer science-related courses in other departments and have them count as ICS 400 electives.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

  1. Opportunities local to the state of Hawaii. These include employer contacts, hackathons, and internships.
  2. A curriculum tailored for various pathways in ICS.
  3. A fresh new take on the classroom experience. Class time is more than just a lecture, it's a collaborative learning environment.

1) Clubs like Grey Hats and ACM are excellent opportunities for students in ICS to network with each other and socialize.

2) UHM ICS has a lot of excellent professors with impressive credentials who care about their students' success and wellbeing.

3) ICS also provides students with the experience of struggling with very difficult (but rewarding) curriculum that will be relevant in future employment.

UH ICS Program is provides…

1: Opportunity for networking: By joining the UH ICS program you can meet people doing research at UH. Now that programming is becoming a required skill, there are many people from other majors who are taking ICS courses, which allows you to meet people from many different backgrounds.

2: An encouraging atmosphere: In my experience, I have always felt comfortable asking for help at the ICSpace. Students who have either taken the class you are in or are taking it now understand the struggle and can provide valuable feedback.

3: Diversity of topics: The UH ICS program includes a wide variety of topics such as networking and algorithms. I think this also contributes to the encouraging atmosphere because rarely is someone an expert at every topic, so teamwork (aka getting along with people) is essential.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1)  Requiring students to build a professional portfolio that will assist them following their degree.

2)  Having specific areas of study, such as security or data.

3)  Having a method to communicate between past and current students, such as TechHui.

Craig Opie

The three things that come to mind when thinking of the positives of being a UH ICS student is the abundance of resources that are available to us, the rigor of the curriculum, and the community that is established among fellow students. We are provided with plentiful resources in the forms of opportunities to implement our skills and knowledge from lectures, access to relatively modern computers and educational software applications, and, of course, the guidance of our professors and teaching assistants. The courses themselves offer challenges to increase our abilities, refusing the allow them to remain stagnant and allowing students to graduate without applying themselves. Finally, the student community to make sure everyone succeeds and to share their struggles as we progress through our college careers is extremely heart-warming. 

1. The UH ICS program provides a great study space for students to collaborate (ICSpace).

2. I think that  is an awesome resource. Not only is there a plethora of review sites that students can use to review or study ahead, but also there is a "course network" page that shows a user-friendly diagram of sequential ICS classes and pathways. Not to mention, the course network bounces when you click and drag a class!

3. Professional Persona/Techfoilos seem to be invaluable. Each student will have a solid foundation to build their own personal and professional image for success in the real world. My department does not do this, and there is definitely a big difference.

1. Providing a free license to Windows 10 if needed.

2. The work space provided for ICS students as well as the advertisements of ICS clubs or groups that Freshmen or Sophomores can be apart of. These groups tend to have people who would be more than willing to help students with their classes.

3. The amount of opportunities being provided and offered to ICS students. From the constant emails of internships, entry level jobs, programs, etc., it's hard to be an ICS student and say they can't find anything.



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