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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1. Learning from professionals in the industry

2. Learning skills applicable to the technology industry

3. Working with smart and driven individuals

1. Variety of clubs that are pertinent to student interests

2. An amazing Advisor

3. Free programs

1. An advisor that really cares about you and helps you figure out which path in computer science you would like to take.

2. Free softwares for students.

3. Professors who have lots of experiences in various areas of computer science and are actually passionate about the discipline. 

1.The sense of community

2. Access to UH facilities, IE Hamilton Library, IC space

3. A thorough curriculum 

  1. The ICS program arms students with a good foundation for programming, introducing C, C++, Javascript, and HTML. This helps expose students to many different facets of programming, and whether or not they wish to continue in the major, or specialize in one of the languages already learned.
  2. The 300 and 400 level ICS classes cover a broad range of topics, allowing students to explore various fields of interest as they prepare to graduate and head out into the workforce. Everything from cryptography to data science and cybersecurity can be found in the upper level and chosen as an elective.
  3. Networking with other students and professionals through events like WetWareWednesday is another big pro of being an ICS student. With the tech industry moving so fast, and lots of startup companies popping up, networking and making connections is a very important skill to have.
  1. There are many ICS related cubs such as ACM, GreyHats, Data Science and GameDev which you can join and find people who also share the same interest as you!
  2. You can always find help when you need it because everyone is so nice and helpful.
  3. You can get to learn from some super passionate professors and TAs who always welcome those who seek help or more learning and luckily the professors' and TAs' office are all fairly close so you don't have to go very far to visit each of your professors/TAs.

1) Classes help students be job-ready by teaching programming using industry standards and allows students to create a professional persona. 

2) The curriculum is structured in a way that makes progressing easier by focusing on the fundamentals before more advanced concepts.

3)Passionate instructors who care about student's success. 

As I am an exchange student for a semester here from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (UMN), these three good things may or may not be related to UHM ICS.

1. You may use online resources that are free only to computer science students, such as Lynda, Virtual Online Linux Environment, Windows 10, and other free software. 

2. There are many fields that are related and/or require the use of computer science, where you can change the world for a better future.

3.  Whatever an idea that you could come up with, you can implement and make your idea become a reality. With this fast-paced moving field, it's easy to create a personal project, and you can share it to the world with Github, LinkedIn, and your portfolio to the potential future employers.

1) Handful of programming languages are covered in the program. It covers Java, C, C++, JavaScript, and there's also a class that teaches Python.

2) Coming from LCC, they offered most of the required ICS classes online which makes it convenient to take the classes even while working.

3) There's always information being sent out from the department about learning opportunities through internships, new courses, and code challenges.

  1. Much of the necessary software or learning materials are free.
  2. Opportunities for networking and learning through groups such as ACM or Grey Hats.
  3. Professors that are very knowledgeable in their field of study.

1. Classrooms which promote interactions between students, like WEB 101 we use in our ICS 311 class

2. Knowledgeable and helpful professors who want their students to success and bend over backwards to make that happen

3.  Challenging yet achievable goals to develop our skills and further our careers.

1. As a transferred student from Willamette University, I've noticed UH ICS program is more standardized.

2. UH provides classes and clubs for cyber security, something I've been curious about.

3. Much of the professors of ICS are very nice and easy to work with.



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