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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students.

I have mentioned in the other thread, but this is the first ICS class that I am taking. My opinions and thoughts may heavily reflect on what I hear about or read through this discussion, but I'll try my best to voice my own thoughts.

1) I know that UH does a good job providing free softwares for the students. Most times the department would pay for the site license and that greatly helps. 

2) UH provides good opportunities for internships and jobs.

3) Tutors, Teaching assistants and Lab instructors who holds hours out of class are very helpful for students that need that extra help. 

1. Being a UH ICS student means that we can get more chances in the future career. We can get more opportunities to do internships, and we can get connected with ICS related companies by the professional social network.

2. We will learn about the essential skills we need for ICS related jobs. This not only includes the skills in programming but also the skills about how to be a good employee, such as teamwork and time management.

3. The inspiring learning atmosphere and professional instructors can help us be more focused on learning.

1. Degree paths seem to be very general. Broad major tracks with flexible upper division electives are beneficial to help students explore new topics and discover what industry or field they truly want to pursue.

2. The 3rd floor study space for ICS students, provided by the department, is a huge benefit for enhanced learning and collaboration.

3. is great! There is a wealth of information on these "review sites" provided by the department. They serve as a great reference, as well as a splendid tool to prepare for upcoming courses. I wish the College of Engineering had something similar to this!

Note: I am not an ICS major. These are my views on the UH ICS program from an outside perspective.

1. There are plenty of opportunities to discover what one may want to specifically specialize in with the number of classes available that we may also take along with our major courses. The general computer science route allows for a lot of exploration to be done.

2. The classes do a good job of preparing students to think for themselves or in a group setting. Since coding can be done in many ways, classes encourage us to exchange ideas on how to approach a certain situation and expand our thinking when faced with an issue or task.

3. The professors and TAs want the students to succeed and do well. They're very friendly and definitely go out of their way to help students as much as possible. Whether that be by hosting study sessions or having flexible office hours, there are many ways to get the help needed.

1. The amount of clubs and general passion for CS around campus. There are a lot of people who have an interest in this subject, so it is easy to find like-minded people to work with and learn from.

2. The quality of the classes are good. I can say that I have learned a lot over the past few semesters.

3. The variety of the class styles. Some classes are individual based while others encourage group work. It is nice that we can cover different bases, because this is how it works in the real world job setting.

1. Various clubs geared towards improving us as developers. Having that group of people with a common goal in mind is very useful.

2. Exposure to common coding practices, such as Git, QA, and coding standards like ES6 for JS. These are all very common and necessary for what is considered proper, professional software development.

3. Emphasis on online resources. I'm not the best when it comes to learning code from a book, I much rather look online as it's a lot easier to find exactly what you're looking for. Having a curated list of online resources to learn from is super helpful, and not having to buy books is a bonus!

1. Since UH is a prominant research university the professors are very knowledgable in computer science topics. This extends into the classroom!

2. The amount of clubs and groups on campus that relate to Computer Science are vast.

3. UH feeds graduates and students into employment/internships with local companies very well. If you are looking for a position on the island UH ICS can help you find them.

1. The ICS program provides a wonderful learning experience outside of the classroom, such as the ICS space where you are able to sit down in a comfortable environment surrounded by other students/classmates who are in the same field as you.

2. There are a multitude of clubs that are related to the ICS field and may peak your interest. Clubs such as the Grey Hats is a good one to join if you are into cyber security/hacking.

3. The professors/counselor are well educated and informed in the field of computer science and help to provide details of what is expected in the field. For example what you can expect to see at most job interviews.

There are quite a number of things the ICS department is doing really well. One is the creation of the ICSpace. It has a really great feel to it and there's always students or various faculty there willing to chat about computer science, help with homework or various projects or just relax and get to know each other better. 

Unlike some other departments, the ICS department has RadGrad which looks like an extremely powerful tool to help make sure students are fulfilling the various requirements they need, getting real world experience and it even lets the department see which classes they should be offering when instead of just hoping they offer the best ones for the semester.

Finally, most ICS classes have many opportunities for students to seek help. Office hours are aplenty and there are lots of different people you can explain things in different ways.

1) It is good that the courses provide lab classes, so that we can get help if we need to. 

2) By learning different program languages, we get a broader understanding of computer science.

3) We are building different plattforms to get in contact with potential future employees. 

1. Availability of professors when in need of help

2. Amazing resources available for free

3. Lab computers available when yours is down

1. We have passionate and knowledgeable instructors teaching ICS classes. 

2. No need for expensive textbooks. All material needed for the class is a somewhat modern laptop and access to the internet. 

3. Studying ICS material sets us up for a job or career in the fast-growing, dynamic field that is software engineering.



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