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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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Three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students:

1. The faculty and staff are very knowledgeable and approachable.

2. ICSpace, it provides a great place for students to study and unwind.

3. The faculty train you not only in computer science, but also how to make yourself marketable and competitive when seeking a job after program completion.

1. Learning a skill that can be molded to be useful in countless different ways.

2. Having an abundance of outside material to reference for any problems you run into.

3. Understanding first hand how changes in technology affected the past, and how they will continue to affect the future.

1. Many professors give good advice from years of industry experience.

2. Lots of help outside of class.

3. Multiple clubs with different interests to further explore computer science.

1. Free or discount prices for programs

2. Unique opportunities that Hawaii presents for students, such as government research for pearl harbor

3. Providing ee students a chance to join computer science programs

1. There are many student groups you can join to improve your skills and meet new people.
2. Many classes have TAs who are often available to offer help.
3. Study area in POST is an available workspace where you can also find help.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

Although I don't know too much about the ICS program since am a junior in computer engineering, but here are some things I found great about the department:

1. The professors seem to be very enthusiastic about the topics that they are teaching. 

2. The free resources being offered through the department are of course very nice and useful.

3. Department offers a good space for ICS students to hang out, study and socialize through the ICSpace.

1. You learn something useful all the time. I am self-taught and have been programming as my primary source of income for the last five years, in ICS111 (Introduction to Computer Science I) I really did not expect to learn anything, but sure enough I did, try-catch blocks. Not knowing of a better way at the time, I commented out all the exceptions in an IP-Geolocation library (MaxMind GeoIP) because, if the IP address was not found in the database, an exception would be thrown and the server would return a 500 error since I was not catching the error. Looking back, I find it silly that I did that, but hey, that's what learning is all about.
2. Being a student opens up many opportunities, some of which are only available to students. ACManoa is a great example, the various groups within ACManoa have workshops and field trips related to their interests, such as touring a data center, or a resume workshop where industry recruiters review your resume and give you insider tips/suggestions.
3. ICSpace (POST third floor) is a great resource to ICS students. Since it's only for the ICS department, if you ever get stuck on something, there is a good chance that someone in there can help point you in the right direction.

Top three good things about being an ICS student are:

1. The process of learning new programming languages and how computers work instead of just working with the basic interface. We have a chance to actually understand what the computer is doing and how programs are being executed.

2. ICS has very highly motivated and diverse learning community. There are so many things to learn about computers and everyone i met who is an ICS student, all have different backgrounds in what they are educated or have experience in.

3. I love learning about logic and creating functions/methods/programs. Creating something from scratch and being proud to have a finished product that makes complicated problems simplified.

As a computer engineering student, I don't know too much of what goes on at the UH ICS program, however here are three good things I've noticed after joining ACM (Association for Computing Machinery):

1. I feel upper level students deeply care for lower level students and want to take the time to help those who may be struggling in certain areas of CS. 

2. With the introduction of ACM, I believe this gives ICS students a good amount of opportunities to learn new skills or better hone in on skills that can someday be applied to a future career. 

3. As an engineering student, I can say that there are some ICS classes offered in the ICS department that are better in quality than some of the computer classes offered in the EE department. 

1) Reverse classroom and “Athletic” pedagogy
2) Opportunity to work in team-based projects
3) Developing career skills and professional persona

1. Access to paid resources that are free because we're students

2. Computer science can apply to every field

3. Encourages collaboration between students 

1. Managing to have access to many software and resources and having a more than adequate reason to use them.
2. Meeting and learning from professionals and other classmates.
3. Somehow meeting people with similar interests to me. It surprises me sometimes.



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