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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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1) Meeting other people who know how to code.

2) Working on projects that we will be able to put into our professional profile is helpful. 

3) Learning to work on out professional image.

1. Gerald Lau is our academic advisor.

2. Having solid professors to teach us this rigorous material.

3. Different courses that allow for both group and individual work creating a well rounded student.

ACM Manoa
Laulima and STAR are useful

MSDN and Microsoft Imagine access

1. The ICS lounge. Having a common space that is always open at night and not too cold is fantastic. Way better than Sinclair Library.

2. Gerald Lau is a great asset to the program. He’s a great advisor and student advocate. He is very responsive, clear, and approachable. As a student, it is nice to know that there is someone who knows your name and is watching out for you.

3. Overall, the ICS teaching assistants are another great asset to the program. My ICS 211 TA was the best TA I have had. As a former TA in history, I have to say I was really impressed by him. I am eternally grateful for my ICS 141 TA, because I am sure I would not have gotten an A in 141 without his help. And while not every ICS TA has been as inspiring as my ICS 141 and 211 TAs, at least none of them have been terrible, and that is saying something.

There are many great things about UH Manoa's ICS program, as is evident by the variety of previous comments. My top three would have to be:

1. The professors in this program are actively working in the industry. Professors bring with them their past experiences which is valuable when learning the material. Students get to learn how the information they are currently learning could be used in their future careers.

2. The ICS community is very tight-knit. Once you get through the introduction courses and into your concentration courses the class size shrinks dramatically. You get to know the people in your class well over the semester, and often see them in future classes. The bonds created extend outside the classroom into extracurricular activities and beyond.

3. There are lots of opportunities to take what you learn in class and apply it to real world situations. Spend one week in the ICS community Slack channel and you will be bombarded with notifications of activities you can partake in. Whether it be Grey Hats, Hackathons, CTFs, or Python programming night, there are plenty of opportunities to supplement your class learning with hands on experience and have fun with the ICS community.

1. Computer Science brings endless opportunities. I truly believe virtually anything you enjoy can be complemented with computer science.

2. It's a challenge. But you definitely grow as a person through ICS.

3. Personally, the community. There's an invisible refreshing bond we all share through the suffering. 

1. Emphasis on collaboration in class really helps develop a positive learning culture. Many of my ICS classes I have taken so far are all "flipped": lectures are done through screencasts at home and problem solving practice is done in class. This method is actually very helpful because it allows you to ask questions and work with others rather than get stuck and wonder at home.

2. All of the professors I have had were excellent professors. You can tell that they really know their subject area well, they put the time and effort into teaching their classes, and they really enjoy teaching. 

3. The ICS department here is really good about providing ways for their students to network to other companies. Gerald Lau sends emails out very often about job openings and opportunities for internships. The ICS department here really wants their students to succeed and get good career opportunities.

1) People are very nice and willing to help you anyway they can.

2) There are many people (mostly Professors and Gerald) to ask about career advice.

3) There are many slack groups for people to join and ask questions and generally help each other out.

1)   Majority of the ICS professors are fun and relatable, their good teachers with a lot of applicable knowledge.

2)   The positive emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.

3)   Having like-minded classmates with the same interests makes for a good learning environment.

1. The ability to connect with other, like-minded individuals.

2. Information and opportunities are easily discovered and accessible.

3. Various topics of interest that can be taken at the higher level

The ICS program is still developing, but there have been many improvements over my years at UH.

1) The addition of a security focus program. I had decided on going into security shortly after starting my college career, and am thankful for the addition of this program.

2) ICSpace, especially the way it is setup. The main other study areas, Hamilton and Sinclair libraries, have some restrictions, or faults (i.e. no food in Hamilton).

3) The amount of opportunity that Gerald pushes out to us by forwarding job and intern postings, and so forth.

1. One of the things I like most about the ICS department is that it provides a space just for ICS students to hang out, collaborate on school work, or study. It's a great learning environment and a good way for ICS underclassmen to get to know other people in their class and to get to talk to upperclassmen for advice and tips.

2. In my year of being in the program, I've been exposed to a lot of ways to get connected with other people in the ICS department and tech community. Places like TechHui and Slack are useful for staying on top of important events and dates within the UH ICS community and tech community in Hawaii in general.

3. Even though at times I feel like the program is a bit too rigorous, I like that being a CS major challenges me everyday. Everyday I come to class, I learn something new and useful that I can see the application to the 'real world'. It's a rewarding experience.



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