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What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

If you can only think of one thing, that's OK too.

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I Just transferred from KCC this semester so in my perspective

1) I see lots of ICS students that I could talk to.

I didn't have many ICS friends or people who are related to the field in KCC. It means a lot to me because I learn a lot from them.

2) More people in different area that open my eyes

how students from different field approach to solving a problem is just fascinating and opens my eyes

3) more depth in learning and social

UH classes are more advanced than KCC that I learn more efficiently and intensively 

1. I've never tried to learn through lectures on video before. I rather like it. Easy to rewind, fast forward and pause for a break.

2. Constant notifications of job opportunities is reassuring.

3. The work can be challenging and satisfying. If you pass, you feel like you've accomplished something not everyone can do.

1. There are many opportunities to gain experience outside of the classroom. The ICS department sends out several emails for upcoming events that students can attend. The professors highly encourage the students to go to these events. 

2. The ICS lounge is a great place to work on assignments, and talk to other students in ICS. It's spacious, has whiteboards, and plenty of outlets. 

3. The professors for the programming classes (in my experience) have all been very knowledgeable and effective teachers. The professors usually make me feel excited to learn a new concept, or make it interesting enough to want to pay attention.

1. Many ICS professors are very knowledgeable and passionate about their teachings which creates a great learning environment in class.

2.  ICS classes like 314 require students to build their professional persona which will greatly help them when looking for internships and jobs.

3. The ICS academic advisor provides plentiful knowledge on academic planning, internship, and career opportunities.

-Being an ICS student allows us to take advantage of the opportunities offered to us

-Our learning in from our classes will prepare us for a job in the real world

-We will develop the work ethic and discipline needed for work environments

1. Free upgrades to Windows 10 for any student that needs them. 

2. The professors at UHM ICS manage their classes very well. It has been a pleasure to have classes taught using the Morea Framework.

3. There is an area called the ICS Space that ICS students can use to study together, and there are also many computer labs for the students to use for classes. I'm not sure whether other majors have these sorts of resources, but I'm thankful that ICS students are able to utilize these.

1. There are clubs in UH provides more ICS job opportunities to students. For example, some clubs teach things that aren't taught in class, which would increase your chances of getting the job you wanted in the ICS field.

2. ICS students get direct messages via email or slack when there are job opportunities or internships, etc.

3. There's a good variety of courses on different aspects of computer science to broaden students' interest in different fields of computer science.

What are three good things that the UH ICS program is providing for its students?

1. A wide variety of classes to choose from. I love being able to look at the catalog to choose courses that I have interest in. The downfall to this, however, is that majority of the time there is only one teacher or time slot for a course and there is no room left for me to join. Regardless, the aspect that having a decently sized list of classes is a plus.

2. Providing us with various opportunities to get experience outside of school. There are email lists and slack discussion boards that provide us information about new internships, volunteer opportunities, and job openings. This allows us to find jobs while we are in school as well as after we graduate. 

3. A good community in general. In my experience when help was really needed it could be found. I could meet and ask questions in teacher's office hours and they would provide me with the tools needed to solve problems but not directly give me solutions. If I wanted counseling on what classes I could take I could see someone and have them help me set up a career path and class path in order to achieve my computer science goals. Teachers would encourage students to work together so that we can learn from each other as long as it was cited and not blatantly copied. 

Tevin Sales

1) Instructors with a deep understanding of the topic's they are covering.

2) Instructors who want to see the technology field grow in a place most students call home (Hawaii).

3) A focus on working together in groups and meeting/knowing your peers for networking.

1. Helping students create their own professional portfolios and improve their online professional presence.

2. Providing students with real life advice about the professional industry and what skills are needed to succeed in it.

3. Giving students the chance to learn in group environments, which will help prepare them for future careers.

1. The UH ICS program does a really good job at not being intimidating and allowing students to ask questions. 

2. It allows me to have a lot of fun.

3. It lets me program the things I want

1. Faculty members in the ICS department really want to see students succeed, and are willing to provide help whenever needed.

2. TA's are really helpful especially in courses that are difficult or when lectures are really confusing to follow.   

3. The ICSpace is a really good place to meet new peers in ICS and to ask them for input on classes you are about to take that they have already took.  



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