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Aloha, I am in the process of doing a list of Twitters on Maui. Anyone here using Twitter? If so, can you please leave your Twitter name (handle) on the comment section so I can include you in the list.

And if you have any questions about this posy, please feel free to write that in the comment section too. Mahalo!

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Aloha Liza - Here are the Maui folks I follow: @dfisherhi, @tommyrusso, @taxadvocate and @PeterLiu47.
Thanks Daniel. That helped. The 3 of them are on my list but it's the first time I heard of @taxadvocate. I looked at their company website via their Twitter profile and it looks like it's an excellent company. Thanks for informing me of their Twitter handle.


Daniel Leuck said:
Aloha Liza - Here are the Maui folks I follow: @dfisherhi, @tommyrusso, @taxadvocate and @PeterLiu47.
There must be an ap for that. Meanwhile, add @garrettlisa and see his list which has ten people including me @dongilmore.
Thanks Don. I checked the link and added some of them there who I didn't have. I know in we can search by area too and I got some Maui Twitters from there. I am creating a comprehensive list so I checking all places where the geeks hang out :)

Thanks again for your help.



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