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Check it out, Rubyists - a (more or less) production Ramaze Application recently got deployed on Google AppEngine via JRuby! :-D

The Arizona Business Directory

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Did you go to John Woodell's talk at Aloha on Rails? If so, what do you think?
'Wish I did, but Woodell's presentation was stacked against Pat Maddox's "Domain Driven Rails", which I really wanted to check out for ideas on where I should be focusing long-term refactoring efforts. Any presentation that talks about "your 1400 line user.rb and why it sucks" has my attention, as I've been saying that for years of apps built upon RESTful Authentication. :-)

Lots of great presentations and ideas to think about at Aloha on Rails. Now that Rails is more widely accepted, a lot of great minds are jumping into this space to drive how we can build things better.

Along similar lines of JRuby, though, I've really been impressed with recent reports of 5x performance improvements of Ruby code ported over to Duby. If only I had the time to play with all this cool stuff. Maybe we should pitch EngineYard to set up a Honolulu office? ;-)
Engine Yard Asia Pacific makes sense to me!



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