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(posted on behalf of Henk Rogers)

Dear Friends,

We need your help. We need a half hour of your time for a worthy cause.

Hawaii's energy future is based on clean, indigenous, renewable sources of power, not new fossil fuel power plants. To realize this vision, the Governor and leadership in the Senate introduced a bill (HB1464) to disallow future fossil fuel power plants in Hawaii. The “no new fossil fuel” policy was the product of the partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy and the State of Hawai‘i (“Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative”). They contracted with global energy experts Booz Allen Hamilton who conducted various scenario analyses on how to achieve a 70% clean energy goal by 2030. The results of those analyses demonstrated that Hawaii’s clean energy future does not require new fossil fuel generating units.

In addition, last year Governor Lingle and Hawaiian Electric's Robbie Alm signed an historic agreement. HECO promised that they would not build any new fossil fuel powered plant in Hawaii (no oil, no coal, no gas). Today, some lawmakers are attempting to water down this simple commitment and open loopholes to allow the new use of oil and fossil fuels in Hawaii. We need to stand firmly for a clean energy future for Hawaii!

Here's what I need you to do. Show up at the Hawaii State Capitol at 12:00 today, for 30 minutes. Let your legislators know you don't want them to water down this critical legislation. HECO made a promise. Analyses show a ban is vital to stay on track for our clean energy goals.

No oil, no coal, no gas!

A promise is a promise!

Some day, the tankers will skip Hawaii because of some political upheaval somewhere.

Some day oil will simply be too expensive for us to burn it for electricity.

Some day the people of Hawaii will thank us for ending Hawaii's addiction to oil.

Or some day they will curse us for not having done enough to stop it.

Which will it be.

No oil, no coal, no gas!

A promise is a promise!

This is Hawaii's hour of need. Join the friends of the Blue Planet Foundation today at the at the Hawaii State Capital and let your representatives know what you think.

Forward this mail to anyone you know who feels the same way. Better yet call them and ask them to come. Please.

A promise is a promise.

Henk Rogers
Blue Planet Foundation

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This was a great event, and a very important step for the future of Hawaii. Let's hope the bill gets passed with the right language, to make sure that there are no new fossil fuel power plants built in Hawaii.



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