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While we (humans) are still struggling with sustainable fuel designs, nature has had the answer for millions of years. Now scientists are trying to develop a paradigm that mimics some of nature's original functions. This new artificial leaf would use sunlight and water to produce hydrogen, which in turn can be used as hydrogen fuel.

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Cool stuff :-)
That's what I also thought. It is really amazing how natural phenomena has the answers to some complicated questions that have evolved over a long time. I believe being extra attentive to natural surroundings could help modern science to solve all kinds of problems, ranging from medicine to sustainability, etc.. I am just a web developer, but surely has been enjoying Hawaiian environment, attributing my presence here to lots of inspirations on a broad range of subjects. Anyway, I wish there were more initiatives like this, as opposed to some artificially designed inelastic structures. This could blend in naturally with the rest of the ecosystem and produce energy. How wonderful!



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