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My wife just bought me an iPhone and I've lost the better part of today playing with it. Its an amazing device. This is the first mobile device that I would actually use for web browsing sessions lasting more than five minutes. The browser is a modified version of the Safari browser, so most regular websites render well. The multitouch zoom functionality coupled with superior font rendering and a high density screen (320 by 480 at 160 ppi) make web browsing a pleasure. I was also pleasantly surprised to see I could browse Japanese websites, although OSX's standard Japanese input method is not supported.

I do have some gripes:
- The omission of Java and Flash support. I recently started working with Flex, so the lack of a Flash player is rather annoying. Rumor has it Flash support will be coming in the next few months. I suppose the lack of Java support isn't surprising given Steve Job's bizarre bias against the technology.
- The lack of basic text services such as selection, cut, copy and paste. This is truly weird. Given the fact click and drag is used to scroll the screen, it will be interesting to see how they support text selection.
- The lack of a proper SDK. This is supposed to be coming in a few months.

...and the usual gripes mentioned all over the blogsphere - no GPS and a slow network. I'm sure these will be addressed shortly.

Overall I am very happy with my new phone, and I look forward to playing with the upcoming SDK.

I'm interested to hear other peoples pros and cons lists.

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I agree on you almost completely on the iPhone. I use it with TMobile, the edge network is much better (it seems) than ATT. Have you tried jailbreaking your phone and adding the insaller app? It will change everything to be even better!!
Not yet, but I have been thinking about it. I recently switched from TMobile to AT&T anyway because TMobile wasn't giving me good reception around our office in Manoa and surprisingly, many parts of Manhattan.

I really wish I could use it in Asia, which would require a jailbreak...
Jailbreaking is super duper simple.
There is now an SDK (has been for a while, actually), see:

Other have been criticizing the iPhone as not having many useful "enterprise" features, most often, not being able to synchronize with Exchange:-( But Apple apparently plans to address that in a new version in June.

Meanwhile, there are many rumors that Apple may also be close to introducing new version(s) of the iPhone, possibly also in June.

Either (or both?) will probably be officially announced and possibly even available at Apple WWDC on June 9th.



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