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Here is a good post on mobile barcodes and how they will speed m-commerce growth into a vital revenue producing machine for the U.S. economy.

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Hi Gene, Great article! Do you know about Ken Berkun's Labels That Talk? They are our neighbors here at the Manoa Innovation Center.

From Ken's description:
"Labels That Talk™ has developed technology that allows for the easy creation and playback of audio files on a two-dimensional medium (photos, paper or labels) – we print audio on paper. LTT’s Soundpaper™ system records sound as a high-density printed pattern (2D barcode) that can be read with a small, low-cost, handheld scanner. The audio message (voice) is stored right in the bar code, no database lookup is necessary, no computer connection is required and scanning and playback take less than 1 second."
Cool stuff. I'm into web tech. I think a cool application would be to have a web calendar show a 2D barcode (like a QR code) on an event page which a mobile phone user (using something like an iPhone) snap a photo of the barcode on the screen and have it automatically add an event item to their calendar.

I wonder if the "Labels That Talk" barcodes can be read by a mobile device equipped with a camera.
Hi Truman,

I can see im going to have to stay sharp with you guys :) as im more on the marketing side..
Have a look at these links there is some very cool stuff going on with barcode..
Hi Daniel, Thanks fo the comment

Labels That Talk need to read up a bit more on it.. Sounds compelling though..

There is a ton of radical stuff being proposed with respect to mobile devices and m-commerce..

One company has a barcode you could place on websites or blogs that can be scanned and later read on the mobile device.. A real time saver. My issue would be, id scan everything and read less than half before the content was old..
I wonder if the "Labels That Talk" barcodes can be read by a mobile device equipped with a camera.

They can. I chatted with Ken about this on his page.



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