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I'm working on a mobile app and am looking for an experienced javascript developer. If you have played extensively with the existing javascript frameworks such as jQuery and Mootools but are skilled enough to roll your own to make a dedicated framework that is as small and fast as possible then you've got the skills I'm looking for. Please contact me if you're interested and available.

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Hey Bruce. I don't know if he is available, but Truman Leung is a Mootools wiz.
Hey Dan are you like living on the computer? It's Sunday and you replied like 15 minutes after I posted! ;) Thanks though... I'll try contact Truman.
Thanks, Dan, for the referral.

Bruce, I appreciate your message. While I am quite comfortable writing MooTools classes to make web app user interfaces user-friendly, I doubt I could single-handedly rollout a custom Javascript framework faster than jQuery or MooTools. Thanks for the thought, though.
I'm curious as to why anyone would want to roll their own JS classes at this point. No dig, just trying to get into other peoples' head to understand the rationale.

There are so many capable libraries out there, with varying licenses to suit most project needs. I'm partial to MooTools when I need something small; and I like Dojo Toolkit for my internal projects. Others have glowing reviews of YUI and ExtJS.

Are you doing something beyond the ordinary JSON and AJAX effects? Or are you looking for a developer who can write a JS library that works better within the constraints of your Mobile Platform?
Hi Truman, maybe I didn't phrase it that well but I didn't mean to imply to write something from scratch but to take the minimum set of pieces that are required from possibly different libraries to form a base on which to build the app. The javascript wouldn't just be for screen effects within the browser but would need to implement a more full-blown application. The trick though is the balance between functionality and code size against download speed over the phone network especially when it isn't 3G.
Perhaps you should contact the developers of:

I don't have any experience working in the mobile space, I just did a Google search for you.
Hi Truman, thanks for the suggestions! I had looked at jQTouch earlier and it didn't look primetime but XUI looks like a real possibility. I really appreciate you spending the time to do some searching.
Here's a far out in left field option that you may want to look into: Objective-J ( It is a Cocoa like pseudo language implemented entirely in Javascript that enables one to build desk-top class applications.
Hi Stuart, I actually took a look at Cappuccino earlier. Pretty amazing stuff what they've done but unfortunately it's too heavy for what I need since the target is mobile devices. It definitely opens up some interesting possibilities for desktop apps though.
Hi Bruce. Yes, Cappuccino is both amazing and heavy. Glad though that you are aware of it.



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