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Hawaiian Hope needs hard drives !

Yes, we are still around, working diligently out of our temporary storage facility (Simply Storage - near Best Buy) until we get a lease on a new home base.


We currently have 300 computers in stock, most are missing hard drives. We are about to get another donation, a single donation, of an additional 200 computers of which none have hard drives. This means we will have a total of 400 computers and no hard drives for any of them.


What we need :

* Hard drives that are 40 gig or larger. We can scrub them if necessary, and we test them for defects as we need good drives. IDE, SATA and Laptop drives are needed.

* RAM - every and any style, 256 Meg sticks and larger.


With everyone concerned about security (and pulling out their drives), hard drives represent one of our single largest needs for refurbishing computers and then putting them into the hands of people that need them. The second largest need is RAM.


To date, we have rebuilt and given away over 600 computers. These computers have been donated to other non profit orgs, set up as classrooms in homeless shelters, clean and sober houses, prisoner re-entry programs, and given to people that are moving out of the shelters and back into housing. We have even given away dozens of laptops for people that need to be mobile.


Your donations would be greatly appreciated by us, and those that you will directly help out.


For more Information about what we do, please visit our website :

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