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Beyond all of the conversations on financial crisis, financial uncertainty, budget cuts and talks of tax increases, take a breath of fresh air and read of something wonderful !


On Monday May 9th, Hawaiian Hope is going to make 105 dreams come true.


Hawaiian Hope through The Queen Lili'uokalani Children's Center and Hau'ula Elementary School will be hosting a special evening designed to start something wonderful and have a life lasting impact. On Monday May 9th, every student in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades, 105 students in all, will receive as a gift a full computer system to take home. These computers are not on loan, but a personal gift for students to keep, learn, have fun with and enjoy.


Hawaiian Hope is accomplishing this feat while working out of the Simply Storage, self storage facility since our eviction caused by the tax increases imposed by city council. In essence we are working out of a couple of garage bays. If we can accomplish this working out of a couple of garage bays, imagine what we could accomplish if we actually had our own building ?


After this event, and giving away 105 computers, we will still have roughly 700 computers still in stock !


Your donations are greatly appreciated by us, and those that you help out.

For more Information about what we do, please visit our website :

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