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We are very excited about the 2.0 release of GWT (Google Web Toolkit), a core part of Ikayzo's technology stack. GWT 2.0 adds declarative UIs and proper CSS based layouts. These changes will make collaboration between designers and developers much easier. Finally we can build GWT apps the same way we build Flex and Silverlight apps.

- Declarative UI with UiBinder
GWT 2.0 introduces a powerfully productive new way to construct user interface code called UiBinder. UiBinder makes it easy to separate the visual aspects of the UI from its associated application logic. To construct your UI, simply mix HTML and widget elements declaratively in a UiBinder XML template — a .ui.xml file. You can then place application logic in an associated .java file.

- Pixel-perfect visuals with layout panels
Layout panels create a predictable constraint-based layout system on top of standard CSS. Because it works with CSS, rather than in spite of it, layout panels continue to work predictably in the presence of custom CSS styles that you might need to include. And because CSS-based layout is handled natively inside the browser's rendering engine, no JavaScript needs to run during layout. As a result, layout is fast and fluid — you can especially notice the speed when resizing the browser window.

Mahalo for the heads up Pat!

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I've been playing around a bit with UiBinder and must say, that it adds indispensable simplicity to overall GWT UI development. Views are cleanly defined in XML files, their Java counterparts nicely handle widget user interactions. Developer can use provided UI components or define custom ones. It also provides a mechanism for 'local' Css styling, transcending the need for global naming, which makes Css code much easier to work with. There is a lot more features added in GWT 2.0, making web development a structured and well-defined process.



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