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The talk on using FDT did not draw enough people and I had to cancel. so instead I am going to do this event myself, and getting started on promoting it. There is a good chance that this event will also be recorded, so it can be viewed over the internet!

I will be giving a talk on Flex for beginners in November for the Hawaii Flash User Group. If you are a member of the group, please RSVP for the event.

If you are not a member of the group, and would like to come to this free event, please leave a comment here, or over on the Adobe Groups site and you are also welcome to the event.

Any questions comments, please e-mail me.
I am also looking for advanced speakers on this event, so if interested in helping out with the talk please let me know.

Thank you,
John Barrett

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Hey John - I'm new to Honolulu (from San Francisco), new to TechHui, and am a seasoned Flash designer and programmer (focusing on Flash since 1998). I would love to know more about the local Flash User Group, and this event. I actually do not yet have much experience with Flex, but I can talk about Flash and ActionScript in general.
Hi Micheal,
Great to hear from you!
I too moved here from San Francisco (Outer Sunset OB), lived there for a few years.

The Hawaii Flash User Group, started back in March of this year, and it meets once a month at the University of Hawaii. If you would like to join the group please go to:
Adobe Hawaii Flash User Group

This is the first Flex meeting, I am more of a flash/AS 3 guy personally, but I have been playing with Flex so I though that I would give flex a try, I hope that I will do well.

I would love to have you give a talk on flash in the near future if you would be interested, especially on flash design, I have not been able to find anybody to give a talk on design, but we add some actionscript 3 talks (mostly by me). In fact if you think that you can put something together next week, I could have you give a talk. I was planning to have the guys from FDT to give a remote talk, but I have not heard back from them, I love FDT, best actionscript editor (for flex I use Flex Builder), it rocks!

If you are new to Flex, this might be a good event for you, I am still looking for somebody much more advanced than I am, but for the scope of the event (aimed at newbies) I can pull it off.

Please e-mail if you have any questions about the group. I am also looking for somebody to help out with the group as a co-manager f that is something that you are interested in as well, let me know.

hey.. what were we going to talk about for the In Visual Form meeting next Wednesday, 28th October? I need to come up with a topic.
John: your still going to be there?
yeah for sure. What was the topic again 3D?



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