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The FDT Event at the Hawaii Flash User Group is coming in December! you can read more about the vent here:
Setting up a flash development environment with FDT

You can also read about the event in the Hawaii Flash User Group:
Hawaii Flash User Group

Here is some more information about FDT

This will be an exciting event, not to missed, as FDT Rocks!! Also we will be having a party to celebrate the end of the year`-`

I hope that you will find the time to make the event,

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speed! I know all the shortcuts and can code 10 times faster in FDT, plus it has some neat features I like. You can view custom SWC files too!
I do mainly AS 3 coding and not too much Flex, for Flex, Flex Builder is most likely better, but I am not a good judge here.

I guess people like one or the other for their own reasons. There are features I like in both, it is just I like FDT better.
For the event I am not selling anything, just a meeting discussing it, maybe come check it out and see if you like it and if it is worth the money. I do love FDT,and can switch make and fourth from flash to FDT, something FlashBuilder will have with Flash CS 5 too.



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