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Hi all,

I've just started learning to use Blender after taking a semester of 3D scene design at UH. We used Maya for the course, since that's what is used in the industry. But I found Blender to be more powerful and have better work flow than Maya. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there's a Blender users group in Honolulu. Or anything related to Blender in Honolulu.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


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I first saw blender on the flash blog, and played with it some,very cool`-`
If I group forms, please keep me updated!

I am planning a papervision with flash talk this summer (hopefully in August) for the Hawaii Flash User group, and I can keep you updated on it.

Also, next monday we are going to have a preso breifly on 3D effects & cams using flash, and you are welcome to come`-`
check out for a link to the adobe groups site

Thanks for the response. If I find any local groups, I'll post a note.

I did see the RMC Flash thing and sent an RSVP. But I use GMail and the link that was provided opens up the Mac Mail app. So maybe I made a mistake in the address field or something. I was just going to drop by anyway, and if it's all full, I'll just go home. I live close by so not a problem... ;-)

I just downloaded Blender and am going to attempt some fashion and metal designs and possibly animation down the line. Any advice before I muddle my way through?

How have your experiences been (Johnny and JC)?

There are quite a few sites with tutorials, they were very helpful for me. Give them a try.

As for experiences, the user interface is different from Maya. Especially if you're using vesion 2.4x. I've tried version 2.50 briefly and it looks much sleeker. Other than this, both software have very similar features. If you can get past the user interface, Blender is a very professional piece of software.




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