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Anyone who works in CGI is faced with the problem of rendering a project. Animations and dynamic simulations are incredibly fun to set up and look great in the 3D program de jour, but after lighting and texturing, project completion dates bottleneck with insanely long render times. My last project took 4 weeks to render 200 images. The results are photoreal but that's unacceptable and my (not off the shelf) computer almost blew a gasket and is still yelling at me.

I've been looking at render farms for remote rendering, or possibly setting up my own...but both solutions are cost prohibitive for individual freelancers without deep pockets. In the case of professional render farms, they want big ticket jobs from studios and mainland 3D houses and charge big ticket prices

So I wonder if other Hawaii based 3D artists face the same challenge. Are there any render farms in Hawaii mere mortals can access locally?

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