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Is there an employment web site (e.g., Monster) that seems to be the most popular among programmers and database professionals in Hawaii? I've tried Tech Jobs Hawaii and the University of Hawaii without much success. Is the pool of available talent small or am I not using the best venue? If recruiting is best done by "word of mouth", does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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Hi Nelson. As Minh mentioned, networking is definitely the best way to find a dev job in Hawaii. We have a Tech Jobs forum with about 50 jobs posted. HTDC also has Tech Jobs Hawaii. They are hosting a job fair tomorrow. Finally you can post your resume in the new Tech Resumes forum. I hope this helps.
I rate job ads on Monster and especially on CraigsList with low credibility. There's at least one company in Hawaii that continues to "troll" on CraigsList - posting bogus ads, asking for your resume, portfolio, and hourly rate. I can only assume they do this to gauge the local market to adjust their own rates accordingly.

The best way to get gigs -- especially the lucrative or long-term ones -- is to either network, or publish something interesting, unique, and in-depth. For example, I have 5-year-old articles on my Not404 Legacy website, that still generate viable work offers in the Embedded Systems space. And that's just "play" stuff I published while toying with old Xboxes, cameras, and Linksys routers. My "serious" stuff website generates similar interest, in the technologies I have continued interest in.

I wouldn't say that the pool of talent in Hawaii is small. Many talented professionals (myself included) just maintain a stealth profile.

Furthermore, employers looking for "Top-Tier Quality" know they'll never find that through an Ad, but they may find them through a Headhunter. And trust me, those Headhunters are darn good at Googling for relevant articles to create their short-list of candidates, and they're known to offer top-dollar salaries, relocation packages, signing bonuses, and other sweeteners.

You just need to impress the right people, with the right amount of technical depth.

Cold-Calling and Job Websites are only good for entry-level positions or gigs. They're good for starters, but not likely to turn into life-long careers.
Hi Group:

Yesterday, I learned that my company may be looking for three positions to fill within the next 30 days. I am the regional manager and will have some input, but I am not the hiring manager. We will be looking for a Project Manager, Data Analyst, and a Maximo implementation professional. If you have one or all of these skills drop me a resume. The position is Honolulu based. I might add the background check is extensive...



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