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Not that we need any more convincing that China is a rising superpower, but here's a new angle: the mainland provinces have economies that rival whole nations.

Comparing Chinese provinces with countries

Reminds me of how kids say things like, "I've got more talent in my little finger than you have in your whole body!" Statistics about China's blazing growth are nothing new, but these were still eye-openers:

--Guangdong exports as much as South Korea.

--Shanghai has a bigger GDP than Finland.

--Jiangsu exports are equal to Taiwan's.


The article has an interactive map, where you can zoom in on a province and see its GDP equivalent.


On the flip side, here's a comparison of the 50 American states with their GDP equivalents.

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Nothing new.. California, Texas, etc.. same deal.


Is Eurozone "better" than China or the US because their combined economic power is greater?

At the risk of sounding crass, this just turns into a pissing contest at some point. "My economy is bigger than yours".




The only thing sad about China is they haven't learned the important lessons others demonstrated and are destroying their natural resources at a breakneck pace, and will soon just be as screwed as we are (growing middle class debt, damming all their rivers, most freshwater in China is now polluted, respiratory disease on the rise.. etc..)


We'll all be rich and yet have nothing.


P.S. Not attacking you, just lamenting what I think is an unfortunate perpetuation of shoddy "values"



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