Hawaiʻi's Technology Community

I invite the TechHui community, clearly interested in connecting and collaborating with the Hawaii tech community, to check out a few other venues for networking, knowledge sharing and socializing.

Hawaii Slack -

An open Slack instance for Hawaii for real-time messaging. Channels for developers, photographers, educators, and more. You can skip the moderated sign-up process with this link.

Hawaii Tech Group on Facebook

Created alongside, a local sci-tech/STEM news site I run (with a job board), this group surrenders to the near inevitability o Facebook in daily life. This public group is certainly a good fit for anyone here!

Hawaii Threads -

If you're interested in more than tech, this old-school message board has been running since 2004. The golden page of the web forum is ancient history, but for those hoping to escape the maw of Facebook, it's a good alternative! Registration is manually moderated, but I can create an account for you at

I'd also encourage you to check out:

HawaiiCal -

A calendar of local tech events, science cafes, education unconferences, hackathons, and so on. If it's a real-life gathering of curious creatives, it should be listed here. (Event submissions welcome!)

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