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It would be interesting to see what kind of tech stack people use at work in Hawaii.  The idea for this discussion was ripped from Quora.


Please answer in the following format.  Feel free to add in more categories.



Web Framework:


App Server:




Now for the fun question, which technologies would you recommend for a web startup and why (scalability, ease of development, other factors)?

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The Qora question had some very interesting responses. John covered most of ours (copied below with a few additions.)


Language: Ruby, Objective-C, Java, Groovy, C# (for kiosks and finance-related product and services work)

Web Framework: Rails, AppEngine, Grails, GWT

Database: PostgreSQL, Google DataStore

App Server: nginx, Google AppEngine, Tomcat

Hosting: Amazon EC2, Heroku, Google AppEngine

Testing: for Ruby on Rails - Cucumber, RSpec. Android = Roboeletric, iOS = Cedar and GHUnit. Java = JUnit. Jenkins CI on all platforms.

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