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I'm an independent designer / photographer / videographer. I've built an exceptional portfolio and I'm investigating design and media services with the goal of launching (or re-launching might be the better word) a visual communications "shop". 

I want to expand and assemble a small team, possibly business partners, to produce an array of high-end promotional work at reasonable rates for our clients. I'm looking to serve businesses that need a new smart web layout, striking web content, SEO supervision and Social Media consultation.



You are concerned about the environment and grateful to be here in the Hawaiian culture of aloha 'aina.

You're independent and love working in your fields. You are an expert in some fields and an aspiring expert in others

You communicate well. You have great customer relations and you're friendly.


You are open to contract assignments (they may fit around your existing schedule). You might be interested in forming a coop type partnership with others and myself. 

Maybe you've got a job and can work this position part-time with the goal of becoming independent and creating an income stream.

You are able to work from home.

You know code, CSS, and plug-ins, e-commerce, responsive actions on all devices and SEO and analytics.

You're not bothered by navigating your duties with creative idealists, client DIY modifications and drag+drop CMS, WordPress and blogs.

You have good marketing, email and social media ways to contribute and that produce the call to action.

You can design clean interactive, yet gadget-free layouts with user-flow in mind. 

Maybe you like to write programs.

Maybe you're bi-lingual - that's a plus.


If you're interested send me with your resume and info.

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