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Posting on behalf of Hawaiian Hope:

Hawaiian Hope is seeking Volunteers to help with a computer hardware drive.

Specifically, We need computer hard drives. Not the whole CPU and main box, just old hard drives. (40 gig or larger) We currently have over 400+ computers in stock, but because most people are so concerned about security of data, they pull the hard drives out before they give us the computers. So as of right now we have basically 400+ bricks and are paying each month to store them.

We have a requirement that we do a full wipe on every hard drive we get. We can provide you and the donor documentation of this, and even sign off on a drive wipe certification if they want. But without hard drives it is impossible for us to give away more computers, help anyone else and clear out some of our inventory.

For more information regarding what we do, please visit our website at :

And yes, we know about Linux, but it will not work out for our needs on these projects. Thanks.

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