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Hello Techhui Friends!

I'm looking for someone to record voiceover for a TV pilot I'm working on:

I'm on the mainland for the next couple of weeks and would appreciate a capable set of hands on Oahu in the meantime.

The talent is an extremely bright, personable and very busy 11-year-old girl in Kaneohe. Based on the previous two we did, the session should last about an hour.

I'll make the video available with the director's version of the voice track which she'll use as a guide. If we can set up a Skype session with the Director, that would be ideal.

I recorded the last two as 24 bit 48kHz wav using an M-Audio Microtrack, then posted the files to an FTP server. It worked out great.

Please get in touch if you are available to help or if you're interested in participating in any other aspects of the production.


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You might want to chat with Shane Robinson, Ryan Ozawa or Chris Ota.

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