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Urgent! The Evil India Eowmcw Investment Inc is After You!

I absolutely love these guys:


Subject: URGENT Notice of Internet Intellectual Property Rights "Ikayzo" Dispute in China

(If you are NOT CEO,please forward this to your CEO, because this is urgent.Thanks.)
Dear CEO,
We are the organization of Asian Brand and Domain registration dispute, have something need to confirm with you. we formally received an application on september 23,2011.  one company which called "India Eowmcw Investment Inc" are applying to register "Ikayzo" as Brand Name and Domains.            (Asia)            (China)            (
China)            (Hong Kong)            (
Taiwan)            (Hong Kong)            (China)            (China)            (Taiwan)
But we found that "India Eowmcw Investment Inc" is not the original owner of the brand and trademark in the checking period,which  belong to your company .I need confirm with you whether your company authorized that company to register these domain name.If you have done that ,We will finish the registration for them and link to their website.
If not ,please let me know ASAP.
In addition, we hereby affirm that our time limit for dissent application is 7 workdays. If your company files no dissent within the time limit, we will unconditionally approve the application.

Best Regards,

Allen jiang(Mr)
Auditing  Consultant

Tel: +0086-566-2629-555     Fax: +0086-566-2629-666

Address:Room205, No.D4 Qingxi South Garden, South-ChangJiang Road,Guichi Shi District,Chizhou,China

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